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Silicone Valley The TV Show – SKY Atlantic

Wednesday, 23rd July, 2014

Silicone Valley - 9PM Wednesdays on Sky Atlantic

Have you been watching the new TV show, Silicone Valley? It started last week, and it’s basically about a group of geeky guys who create a start up company in Silicone Valley. One guy, the geekiest and shy is the one who creates a music app called Pied Piper which has a revolutionary algorithm for data compression. He shows some people at the Internet company he works for, called “Hooli” the program who mock him not realising what he’s created. The CEO of the company then realise that the app he’s created is ground breaking, and try to buy his app, first offering a low amount, then offering £10 Million dollars to own it outright, battling with another investor who offers $200,000 but for a 5% stake.

I won’t spoil the rest if you have not watched the first two episodes yet 😉

You can catch up on demand on Sky Atlantic, and the show is on Wednesdays at 9pM until 9:35PM.

I really like this show, it shows a glimpse of the life at a start up in Silicone Valley, I love programmes like this, a little similar to shows like Entourage and How To Make It In America.

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