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Shirt Stays From 2Clicks – the Dapper Shirt Stay

Monday, 6th November, 2017

Dapper Shirt Stays

We’ve all experienced this problem before: You’re feeling great in your favourite shirt, but as you’re wearing it and moving around, it becomes more and more loose, and finally that smart tucked in shirt has become un-tucked, and it’s not looking as smart as it once did. Having a perfect fitted tailored shirt can go a long way to addressing this problem, but that can be expensive, and what about the great shirts you already own? Shirt Stays from 2Clicks could be the answer you’re looking for.

How They Work

The shirt stay has been worn by military personnel, with a range of different styles and take on the concept being used from other brands. The Dapper Shirt Stay design is a Y-shaped style, with two stays connecting the bottom of the sides of the shirt being attached to your socks with clips. The straps are made from polyester and elastodinene and are fully adjustable, with all three points able to be adjusted. The clips are made from metal for durability, with quality sliders along with the joint being made of leather. The design keeps your socks up and your shirt down, neatly tucked into your trousers, just like it’s supposed to be. They work in a similar way to men’s braces, but rather than keeping your trousers up, these keep your shirt down.

Wearing The Shirt Stay

Wearing shirt stays will be strange at first, and you’ll need to get used to wearing them, but they’re something which you can wear on that occasion you really want to look your best without the expense of getting a tailored fitted shirt. Whether that’s at a wedding or the all important job interview where first impression count, they’re something you can consider to keep your shirt in perfect place.

About 2Clicks

2 Clicks are a small British run family business offering great customer service, with all products designed in the UK. The Dapper Shirt Stay come in a metal presentation tin, and you can get yours for £20 per pair on Amazon here.

Written in collaboration with 2Clicks

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