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Tuesday, 27th July, 2010

Hello blog readers!

I have been so busy lately so i havent been able to show you some of the things i got…I got these last week, some things which i love, and one which i sent back. I got 2 snoods, a cardigan, a jumper, a t shirt and a silk scarf for the summer. Here are the things:

The thing i love the most which i got. Its a light blue cardigan by All Saints. I love this brand, its a cool high street brand. Its a very nice, fine cardigan, maybe a little on the long side, but i like that in some ways.

Blue jumper from Gabacci. I think this will look good with a shirt underneath, its probably more of a winter look but might aswell of got this in, i hardly ever buy jumpers or sweatshirts.

A polo shirt from Gabacci. I never bought anything from this brand before, these 2 things were the first 2 i have bought. I like the look of this top, its a polo with buttons all the way down, and it has the look of a shirt but since its a polo its far more comfortable. It is quite small fitting.

2 Snoods from ASOS are definatly for the winter. These were on sale so i got them while i could. I got a black one last year which i like, i think having a red one will be a good contrast with other clothing and look good.

A silk scarf from Simon Carter. This is more of a summer scarf, an accessory rather than a real “scarf” if you know what i mean. I will probably wear it with a more plain shirt to give it more of a look. I’m not sure how i will tie it, or if i will have it loose, i guess it will depend on how i want to look at the time πŸ™‚

This is a 3/4 length sleeve Vilain cardigan. It was combed cotton which i did not like, and also the neck made me look like a doctor or something. I wish i took a pic but i didnt, it looked stupid. I have sent this back now. Its a shame because i wanted to get a white cardigan for the summer, i am getting into more lighter colours this year.

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