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Saturday Night In Newcastle

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Sunday, 5th September, 2010

So we went out in Newcastle last night, i somehow only got to sleep at around 5am! Came home and listened to music, went to sleep and woke back up at about 8am so i have not had much sleep, i am soooo tired!! πŸ˜›

We started at the Ouseburn for a change at The Cluny, which is under byker bridge. They have a stupid rule that no glasses are allowed outside, so i had to drink a bottle from a plastic cup, oh well.

They also have a weird heart on the roof, i wondered what it was all about, i still have no clue.

Went into the town from there and went to Babylon, Tokyo, and Baby Lynch. It was a good night. For some stupid reason i decided to get a Grey Goose and Redbull at 2:50, with the bar closing at 3am. I had to drink it so fast, but it was nice. I seem to have drank loads, i always seemed to be going up to the bar haha πŸ˜€

I took some pics with my camera with the flash turned on! I have been using the HHT mode and it is good, but the flash being on is even better in really dark situations! This is a random shot in Baby Lynch, taken of nobody i know, and look how bright it is!!

So bright, it looks almost like its daylight, I have another pic which is almost the same with HHT and its really dark. I have learned that the HHT mode is good for situations where there is some light but not much, and a flash is for really dark places. The first 3 pics above were with HHT, The first outside the Cluny looks really good.

I have some other pics from the night, but not of me, of some other people, i havent uploaded them yet, maybe i will just not bother πŸ˜‰

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