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Renford Rejects Shirt – 2012 Season

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Thursday, 19th January, 2012

So a while back I was talking about the Renford Rejects, and how it would be cool to have a Rejects shirt, but updated for 2011/12. I was deciding which shirt to use as the base, and I finally chose and have made a shirt πŸ˜€

The biggest problem is the colour. They used black and purple striped shirts, which I could not get from anywhere. I tried every manufacturer, including the original manufacturer of the shirts they used on the show, and nobody seems to do black and purple stripes…Well the show is 10 years old or so!

So here is what I have come up with…

See below for more pics…

So the colour is different, but not too different, here is the original shirt to compare what I have done to the original. It is as dark/black as I could get.


The original was more purple, like I have mentioned. It has no “club badge” and the sponsor is on the front, with a slogan on the back.

I have changed that a bit, putting the sponsor and slogan on the front, with a name and number on the back. I went for Di Gradi for the Italian superstar Bruno Di Gradi, and number 10. I decided to stick with a lemon yellow for the sponsor name, and went for white for the player name and number. The number is in the same kind of style which Adidas used in 2010/11 which I like.

I went for a very bog standard “Reject” font for the Supra Drain sponsor on the front, to try to keep it as much like the original as possible. I did not make a club badge, I had thought about it and may add it later, but as yet I have not added one.





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