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Rebecca And Fiona – Sayonara

Tuesday, 13th October, 2015


Fuck the world…I don’t care anymore…

I am in love with this song! :mrgreen:

Rebecca And Fiona released their new song at the back end of last week…I heard a few seconds of previous and knew I would like it, then I heard it and wasn’t disappointed. It’s pretty hard to describe the track or sum it up; It’s different to the harder dance from the first album, I Love You Man, and carries on down more of an electro-pop sound from their last album, Beauty Is Pain. There’s lots of 90’s vibes in the track, which are emphasized in the lyric video which you can see below. It has a Robyn-esque style of sound to it, sort of like a more edgy and modern Ace Of Bass.

Listen to it below.

How low can you go let me know :mrgreen:

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