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PS4 Undercuts XBOX One By £80; £349 vs £429

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Tuesday, 11th June, 2013


Yesterday at E3 the PS4 was finally shown for the first time, and many are saying it has scored a major victory against it’s rival the XBOX One.

Both consoles were at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo, and some other features were announced which were not unveiled at the first launches of either console, including of course what the PS4 actually looks like, since Sony never revealed the console at  their official launch. After the Sony fanboys trashed the plain and boring looking XBOX One they have kept tight lipped over the PS4, which is just as plain looking; We don’t care, we look at the screen to play games, not the black box 😉


Sony has won the initial price war. They say their console will be £349 while Microsoft are selling theirs for £429. That is quite a big, £80 price difference.

HDD Size

Sony confirmed the PS4 will have 500GB of hard drive, which matches that of the XBOX One.

No Online authentication needed for PS4 – XBOX One required check in

This was another killer blow from Sony, stating that you will not need to be online to play your games with discs (i.e. not online games/content) whereas Microsoft’s currently made a very unpopular move of requiring a user to be online, or have a 24 hour check in. The XBOX One will also need the Kinect sensor attached to play, something I was not a fan of.

Sony reveal you can trade in your old games

Microsoft stated that you would not be able to trade in old games, which means you cannot sell games, or buy used ones. Sony confirmed they would place no restrictions on disc based games, meaning you can trade in, sell, swap or do what you want with your games in the traditional way.

The console war is on! With the difference in price, online authentication and used games there are clear signs of both consoles going in different directions, which side will win? The feeling after the E3 expo is that Sony has won that battle, will they win the war?

I have to say that everything Sony announced has been a winner; The not having to be online and price in particular; I do not really care about used games, although I have always liked the principle of owning a game. The price is a big factor, especially for a launch, there is absolutely no doubt both prices will drop in time.

I thought Microsoft won a battle with their launch, which was in my opinion much better than the Sony one. However after E3 I am swayed towards the PS4.

The next biggest aspect will be the release date; Who will be the first to market, and will both get their console out for the holidays? Sony’s PS3 release was a complete shambles and one of the key reasons why it initially did not do so well.

The key question is simple: If they were both tomorrow which would you buy? I would have to say the PS4.

Eventually I will probably get both, like many others, but that may take lots of time.



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