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Premier League Going PPV – Matches Not Selected For TV Will Be Available Pay Per View

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Friday, 9th October, 2020

Premier League Pay Pay View In 2020

The Premier League is going Pay Per View, at least for the next month. Games which are not already chosen for broadcast will be available for everyone to watch on a Pay Per View basis via SKY Box Office and BT Office.

Each game is reported to cost £14.99.

The Premier League and the clubs came to an agreement earlier today for this to be an ‘interim solution’ as reported here by the BBC. Since the back end of last season games have been played behind closed doors.

From then up until now, games have been broadcast between SKY, BT Sport, BBC and Amazon, with fans getting to see every match for the first time.

Football fans have been able to watch the games allocated for broadcast, as well as the other games, since nobody has been able to go and watch the match live.

Premier League teams voted for this measure 19-1 in favour of PPV, with Leicester City being the only club to not vote for this move.

Games which will be on PPV include:

  • Chelsea vs Southampton
  • Newcastle vs Man Utd
  • Sheffield United vs Fulham
  • Leicester City vs Aston Villa
  • West Brom vs Burnley
  • Aston Villa vs Leeds
  • Fulham vs Crystal Palace
  • Liverpool vs Sheffield United
  • Arsenal vs Leicester City
  • Brighton vs West Brom
  • Wolves vs Crystal Palace
  • Burnley vs Chelsea
  • Aston Villa vs Southampton
  • Tottenham vs Brighton
  • Fulham vs West Brom


This is nothing short of a disgrace. During the lockdown It was a good move to see every match on TV, with some even being broadcast free to air via BBC. Taking games to Pay Per View couldn’t have come at a worse time.

At a time of uncertainty, with a pandemic and jobs being lost in the real world, the top tier of football is seemingly trying to cash in. These games weren’t going to be broadcast in the first place, so for myself, I won’t be bothered about not watching them live.

Games at 3PM on Saturdays had a blanket ban on them, however this was removed because of the lockdown situation. This is now being used as a slot for some PPV games, taking advantage of the relaxed rule.

It also comes at a time where clubs lower down in the football pyramid are struggling. That doesn’t appear to have phased the top league, with Premier League spending topping £1bn in this transfer window.

I don’t think many will take up the offer of paying £14.99. I think the smaller games will have really low figures, with most fans just not bothering to pay.

West Brom and Fulham will have 3 games on PPV, which is good or bad depending on whether or not you’re happy to pay the money. On the other hand, Manchester City have no games selected for PPV

This could be bad news for the future of football. If this is successful, expect this, or something like it, in the near future. The “TV Season Ticket” could become the next chapter of paid football on TV.

Football fans are asked to pay for 3 subscriptions – SKY, BT and Amazon since last season. It’s already expensive, but this takes it over the edge. £15/game is not something I’ll be paying for.

Check out what the Premier League without the big 6 would look like in this simulation I made.


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