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Platini: Euro 2020 Could Be Played In Over 12 Cities

Saturday, 30th June, 2012

Platini the chief of UEFA is doing what I will call a Blatter; Making ridiculous statements (again) and coming up with wacky and silly ideas.

For some reason he has come out and said:

“You could have one country with 12 host cities, or we could have it in 12 or 13 cities all over Europe. It is just an idea, but in these days of cheap air travel anything is possible”

Haha what a joke!

I have watched every game of Euro 2012 and in almost all games there have been empty seats, there has also been a nortorious low turnout of fans from the playing teams, the stadiums are mostly filled with locals. You can put that down partly to the risk of racism and hooligans which put people off, but mostly it was because it was too much of a distance for fans, and expensive.

Fans, players and teams have complained about the distances which they have had to travel, players always complain of being tired, now they are actually discussing having the tournament in several countries.

Bad idea

This is a terrible idea. It should be in one or two countries, preferably one. It is easier for fans and teams to get to the games, and better for everyone. It is better for the host country so they can stage all the games in their country in many places, bringing in tourism and showcasing their city.

If UEFA had their way they could just cherry pick the best stadia and major cities and nothing else would get a look in. It could mean travelling a huge number of miles which has so many problems; I would not like to go from Lisbon to Moscow to Istanbul to London.

Just another crazy idea from a body who governs football. Maybe the next idea will be to let countries outside of Europe host it, like Australia.

This is the European Championships, not the Champions League!!!


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