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Pitch Perfect 2 Blu Ray

Sunday, 3rd July, 2016

Pitch Perfect 2 Review

Following on from Sex Tape I finally got round to watching Pitch Perfect 2 on Blu Ray. I’ve got the first one, and it was fairly good, it was never a film which I loved, but watchable, and I could watch it again. Since I’ve got the first one I thought I might as well give the 2nd one a go too. As I am sure you’ll know it’s a musical-comedy type of film series, like Glee, which I never liked, but this takes more of a comedic role, so you can watch it without needing to like the whole musical thing.

Once again it’s about the Bellas who have a rivalry with another singing group, this time the German group Das Sound Machine who happen to be the current World Champions. The Bellas have won 3 ICAA titles in a row, but then are suspended after Fat Amy’s wardrobe malfunction. They enter the World Championships which they appear to have no chance in winning, because they’re American, and the world hates America. Add to this there’s a new freshman at college who’s mother used to be a Bella, there’s some characters from the previous film including the Treblemakers and the commentators.

It’s a good film, I think it could be better than the first one, there’s lots of funny little parts in there, including Snoop Dogg who has a cameo. If you liked the first one and haven’t seen this yet, you’ll probably like it.

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