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Picked Up A Few Things Today: Films, EDT, Grooming…

Saturday, 1st December, 2012

So I was shopping for Christmas for people, but every time I do that I always end up finding things for myself and buying myself stuff :mrgreen: As you know of my Gucci Envy story, I am still looking for that and cannot find any yet. There are some other fragrances which I love, so I decided to get them in just in case they get discontinued or become hard to find.

Gucci by Gucci which I love. I have about half a bottle left of my 50ml bottle. This is a large 90ml bottle, and I got it for a great price, only £36 or something like that. Another Narciso Rodriguez which is another 50ml bottle, this was only £26 so a real bargain since I do really love this (I wore it last night out in Newcastle). I tried to get a 100ml bottle but it would have worked out cheaper getting 2x 50ml bottles of it in this case…I might get another, but I think one and a half bottles is enough for now 😛

More films and blu rays! I got pretty much something for everyone; Scarface, a Gangster film, Valentines Day, a rom-com, Accepted, Teen movie and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, A Comedy. I actually saw Accepted last week on TV, it’s not a new film but I hadn’t seen it, I thought it was good so I got it on DVD 🙂 National Lampoons is a classic, probably the best Christmas film ever.

I also got something called the “Gentleman’s Willy Care Kit“. :mrgreen: It is as it sounds, and I think it’s great. I already have a little kit like this by King of Shaves, but I wanted a kit which was a bit better. I like male grooming, and have been looking for something similar to this for a while. This is probably intended as a joke Xmas present, but I got it for real 😀

The mirror and sheers will work, I am not sure about the “fluffing brush” and the “evening wear” haha 😛 .


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