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Nudie Jeans Ecru For Summer 2016

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Friday, 22nd April, 2016

Ecru Selvedge denim from Nudie Jeans

I really love white jeans and light denim for summer. I have posted plenty on the blog about them over the years, and written ideas for wearing white jeans or light coloured denim.

It’s a trend which I have really taken to, and it was quite brave with many guys not going for that style. But in the last year or two, it’s became more mainstream and more and more men are embracing white and off-white colour denim and incorporating that into their daily outfits or wardrobe for going out.

Nudie Jeans is a brand I feature a lot on Michael 84, because I love pretty much everything about them. For Summer 2016 they’ve released a small collection of Ecru denim, which includes four different styles of jeans, including my favourite Selvedge denim which they’re doing in there Grim Tim fit which I can tell you is really nice.

Alongside the jeans, they’ve got an Ecru denim jacket too, the Billy which is made from dry twill and will brighten up any outfit.

As with everything Nudie Jeans, they’re well made and ethically done, with the Selvedge jeans being Made In Italy. These jeans come in at £185, with the jacket being £115.

Both of these are available now from Nudie Jeans.

Nudie Jeans Ecru denim jacket

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