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Next Gadget: iPad 2, Macbook Air or Sony HX7v Camera?

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Thursday, 6th January, 2011

I havent bought any gadgets for ages and I want something to play with! 😛 I was thinking of getting the next iPad when it comes out, that is if its any good.

Then I got thinking about the Macbook Air. They recently re-launched them, with 2 models, an 11″ and a 13″. They do look really cool, and the 11″ would be just a bit bigger than an iPad, and way more powerful and you can do so much more with it. The downside is I want something which I can just pick up and use, and put down. I dont wanna have to wait for a while for startup, or worry that the battery is going to die. Also no 3G card slot, so you cant get a true mobile internet experience, I suppose you could get a dongle. I have also read some not so good reviews about it, maybe its overhyped.

The next iPad? I resisted temptation to get this one, so why would I get the next? Well maybe I would. I do like the idea of one, but maybe as an all round device, e.g. web browser, media player etc. We will have to see what “the next” iPad has to offer. I would go for it if it was maybe bigger, certainly more powerful, and have a bigger hard drive. An 11-12″ tablet with 128GB HDD and the same RAM and screen as the iPhone would make it tempting. It has to offer something my iPhone doesnt, a huge HDD to store music and vids might do the trick.

The Sony HX7v aka the update to the HX5v which is my current phone. Sony have announced this at CES2011, it has 3D capabilities and takes pics all the way upto 16.2MP. Looks like Sony is in the Megapixel race again. Some people are saying this is too many for the camera and will actually make the image quality worse, we will have to wait to find out. Also it may be too early to upgrade my camera to this, its only a year old, will this be a big enough jump to justify getting one?

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