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New T Shirts from Superdry and Cheap Monday

Thursday, 22nd April, 2010

Heey Blog!

I got some new clothing today! 🙂 I got 2 Superdry T Shirts like i said i was going to, and i decided to get a Cheap Monday T Shirt. I have nothing by Cheap Monday, so i decided to check them out. I also got the Baseball Jacket i was talking about, more on that later 🙂

This is a Superdry T Shirt with the “puff” style printing. It is green, and i decided to buy this colour because it seems my wardrobe is filled with black, white and blue, and wanted something different. Price: £20

This is a black Superdry t shirt with pink flock text. If you dont know what flock is, its a velvet/velour kind of feeling, so it feels really nice. Price: £25

This is my pruple striped Cheap Monday T Shirt. I think horazontal stripes are back, i have a few tops with them now. Unfortunatly as you can see this has a hole in, so back off it goes for a return. Not a good start between me and the brand Cheap Monday. I am not suprised, it is a very thin lightweight t shirt, so i imagine its prone to this. Price: £22.

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