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The New Motorola P30 Looks Like An iPhone X

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Monday, 20th August, 2018

iPhone X vs Motorola P30

Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it an iPhone X? No, it’s none of those, it’s the latest smartphone from Motorola, the Motorola P30, which looks like an iPhone.

If you like the iPhone devices but can’t afford them, or you just prefer Android, Motorola has came up with a novel solution, their new P30. It looks incredibly similar to the iPhone X, which features an edge to edge screen, almost bezel-less, dual camera set up on the back, and that infamous notch design to the top of the screen.

As with a lot of the non-Apple smartphones, it boasts some incredible hardware under the hood, far more impressive than any iPhone on the market. It will come equipped with 6GB RAM, with internal storage options of 64/128GB, which can be boosted via a MicroSD memory card with 256GB supported.

The screen size is a 6.2″ with a 16MP 1.8f front camera along with the 5MP 2.2f as the secondary camera for depth of field, along with the front camera which is a 12MP 1.9f for selfies.

The phone was announced a few days ago, and is due for release in China, with no news on other markets. While the iPhone X will set you back £1,000, the Motorola P30 is likely to cost £275, almost 4x less than the iPhone.

This is not the first phone which resembles the Apple flagship, with the Huawei P20 Pro also being fairly similar in terms of design. As we know, that features a triple lens, and is being held in high regard by everyone at the moment.

Xiaomi M8

Another phone which sports similar looks like the P30 is the Xiaomi Mi 8. Another bright and colourful casing like it’s friends the Hauwei P20 and Motorola P30, it has impressive specs on paper, with a snapdragon cpu, a rather large 8GB RAM and Super AMOLED screen.

One thing is for certain, the days of ugly looking smartphones is long over, and along with Samsung and Apple, there’s plenty of credible alternatives to the iPhone.

What do you think of these phones?

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