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New Jeans From The Fenwick Sale

Saturday, 4th January, 2014

I have been in need of some nice new “going out” smarter jeans for a while, so this Christmas I decided on getting a good few pair to last me for a long time. I have loved denim for about 9 years, but before that I absolutely hated it, and if you told me at 19 years of age I would be buying premium denim, I would have laughed at you!

My hate of denim could be because it was really uncomfortable, the harsh cheap horrible jeans are no fun as a kid, sitting at school with your legs crossed, playing football, running a muck in general, jeans are no good for these things. Thankfully I did grow up! :mrgreen:

Fenwick sale is always pretty special, and I do go most years. For the past couple of years I have gone for a Gant shirt or a knit, but this year I tried to stay away from the temptation (although I did look!) and focus on the jeans.

I ended up with three pair; PRPS, Armani Jeans and Boss Orange.


I have a pair of Hugo Boss jeans and they are pretty good. These are a nice dark colour which I prefer, and are a soft denim.


Armani Jeans are some of my favourite jeans. I have no idea how many pair I have had over the years, but it’s a hell of a lot. They are well made, and are worthy of the name Armani. These have a blue trim, with the newer logo embellished on the back pocket.

prps-jeans-dec-2013-2 prps-jeans-dec-2013

PRPS, a denim brand well known for it’s high end jeans made from Japanese denim. I did not know Fenwick stocked these, but they do! They had 2 pair I really loved, this is one of them, made with Selvedge premium denim.

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