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New(er) Adidas Team GB Football Kit Unveiled 2012 Olympics

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Thursday, 22nd March, 2012

I bet you are thinking, the team GB Shirt for 2012 Olympics was announced and released months ago, in fact I have it and I blogged about it here! Well apparently that is not the shirt the players will  be wearing on the pitch, as they have unveiled the team GB kits, including a football kit which is a different kit to the one they had released several months ago.

Before I go on I have to say I am rather mad about it. I was under the impression that the blue shirt was the football shirt which would be worn, and apparently it seems this newer one is. I got this impression as I imagine many others did since Adidas had Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey and Jack Rodwell wearing it, all the sports and football shirt shops were selling it and they have shorts and socks to go with it…Seemed like a football kit at the time. It was also marketed at football kit kind of prices, £50 for the shirt, and was being sold by the major football shops like Subside, Kitbag, Sports Direct etc.

If the older blue shirt is just a “presentation jersey” as they are now calling it, why was it being sold at football kit prices?

Apparently it was a “commemorative 2012 olympic shirt”.

Here is the new(er) kit which was launched today, being worn by Jack Rodwell.

The kit is made by Adidas and designed by Stella Mccartney. This is just the football one, there are others for the other sports, which follow the same type of design.

What do you think?

I have read peoples thoughts on various sites and many saying they actually prefer the older one, a lot of people saying they don’t like this and many complaints about the lack of the colour red.

I think it looks decent, I would like to see more pics of it. I am just angry that I wanted to buy the Team GB Football shirt and now Adidas kindly tell us the blue shirt I got in November 2011 is not it, which means having to spend more money on this new shirt. They should have made it very clear from the start that the blue shirt was NOT the match replica shirt.

My blue shirt, now known as NOT the shirt Team GB will be wearing on the pitch.

The blue shirt, November 2011 which is NOT the official kit but a “commemorative” shirt.


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  1. Tom Harries Said,

    This is an absolute disgrace and a way of cheating fans out of hard earned money. Ive just bought my brother the kit from 2011 thinking that that would be the kit worn in the olympics! Now they bring this atrocity out and say that the other one was just a commerative shirt?! So there not even going to wear the 2011 kit for a single game?!
    It was never clearly stated that the 2011 kit was commerative when buying it, as a fan you wouldnt think to look anyway because you would presume any team replica shirt would be the same as the one actually worn by the team?! This becomes even more of a diagrace, when as you mentioned the kit was sold at full price!
    This is supposed to be the olympics, our olympics where everyone gets involved and supports the athletes. Instead it has been turned into a money making scam. Unbelievable!

    posted on Thursday 22nd March, 2012 at 16:16
  2. Michael Said,

    In their defence (not that they have much of one) I don’t think it was called the “official kit” however I do agree with you. If they had of made it clear that “This shirt will not be worn on the pitch/not the official kit” then I may not have bought it, but they did not do that.

    It was being sold by football shops alongside other football shirts, it looks like a football shirt, priced the same, advertised by footballers, so it did seem like a football shirt. It does not help when different retailers and manufacturers now come up with new phrases and descriptions, this one is called “commemorative shirt” by some, “supporters jersey” by others, or “presentation jersey”.

    I think that they should of made it very clear that the blue “original” shirt was NOT the kit. I bought mine in November 2011 and have not worn it and it feels old already! 🙁


    posted on Thursday 22nd March, 2012 at 17:21