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My Old Phones: The Lineup

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Tuesday, 23rd March, 2010

I said earlier that i was feeling nostalgic, and have moved all the images from my old phones (which i can get) to my computer.

I thought i would showcase my old phones, this is from 2003 – 2008, when i got an iPhone πŸ™‚

In the lineup from left to right we have:

Nokia 7250(2003-04), Sony Ericsson K750i(2005-06), Sony Ericsson K800i(2006-08), Nokia 3250(2006), Nokia N95(2007), Sony Ericsson T650i(2007-08)

I also had a Sony Ericsson Z610i(2007-08) and a Motorola V600(2004). The Z610i i loved, it was an unusual phone, i have no idea where it is. The V600 broke, and was crap. I actually found it after taking this pic, its nothing special, not worth taking a new pic.

The total value of all 8 phones (when they were new) is around Β£2000! These days i dont buy so many phones, i have grown up πŸ˜‰

The best phones were the K750 in its day, then the K800, Z610 and later the T650. I liked the T650 and Z610 because they were unusual and it wasnt a phone that everyone had. The biggest waste of money were definitely the Nokia N95 and Nokia 3250. Luckily the N95 was on contract, but i probably only used it for around a month before i hated it, battery was terrible. The 3250 was a fashion thing, and i didnt really use it much, that one was SIM Free, it cost around Β£250-Β£300.

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