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This Week’s Must Have Menswear: 26th July 2019

Friday, 26th July, 2019

Must Have Menswear Friday 26th July 2019

Happy Friday!

How have you coped with the heat which we’ve had in the past couple of days? Hopefully you’ve already read my tips on how to dress for the heat, but even those can only go so far…When it’s hot, it’s hot!

Anyway, it’s been quite enjoyable, since I do prefer the summer and the weather which (should!) come with it. When it comes to picking out fashion for summer there’s so many options, and since we’ve had a hot one this week, I thought I’d have that as the theme.

So I’ve picked out 5 pieces of clothing which are perfect for the summer. When it’s really hot, and when the temperature drops on an evening too.

Here’s the must have menswear this week.

Hugo Boss HUGO Red Logo T Shirt – £45

Black Hugo Boss T Shirt With Red Logo

You can’t have too many T Shirts, and this is a brand new logo T Shirt from Hugo Boss. Logo shirts are fine to wear if you’re in your 20’s or younger, but as you age they get less and less apropriate. Still, this logo is pretty tastefully done and would suit anyone as a nice casual option for a tee.

£45Hugo Boss

3 Pack Of Polo Shirts By H&M – £20

H&M Polo Shirts - Pack Of 3

If you want something a little smarter than a tee, this is one way to go. Wearing a Polo shirt does take your style up just a tiny little bit, and if you’re worried about the cost, there’s a really affordable way to get on board. H&M have a 3-pack of their polo shirts for a reasonable price. They don’t have the heritage of the big brands, but if it’s just something you want to try out before investing, it’s worth getting these.


Uniqlo Linen Shirt – £30

Uniqlo Linen Shirt

If you’re looking to wear a shirt in the office or you just want something even smarter, a linen shirt is the way to go. They work well for a smart casual setting, and can keep you quite cool too. I got myself a Linen shirt from Uniqlo a while back for summer, so I can honestly say they are really good. They’re available in a range of colours, but I’ve picked out this sea green to add some colour to any wardrobe.


Mango MAN Chinos – £50

Mango MAN Navy Chinos

When it comes to your lower half of your body, what do you want to wear? There’s an option of wearing shorts, but if you’re not into that, I think chinos are a pretty good bet. I love my jeans, but they can be uncomfortable on your legs in the heat. I’ve picked out a pair of navy chinos from Mango MAN which fit the bill quite nicely. They’re pretty smart, and can be teamed up with virtually anything.


Mki Miyuki Zoku White Denim Jacket – £80

mki miyuki zoku white denim jacket

While denim may not be the best choice when it comes to your lower half, wearing a denim jacket in summer is cool. Since it’s quite a light material in comparison to others, it’s fine to wear on a summer’s night, providing it’s not too hot. If a jacket is required, this white denim jacket from Mki Miyuki Zoku works well, and if not, you can go without.


And that’s it! This week’s must have menswear aka the Fashion Friday Five. What pieces of clothing have you been wearing to keep yourself cool this week, and have you had to buy anything new?

Let me know what you think of this week’s pieces, and have a great weekend.

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