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This Week’s Must Have Menswear: 17th May 2019 – Fashion Friday Five

Friday, 17th May, 2019

This Week's Must Have Menswear: 17th May 2019

Happy Friday!

It’s time once again for this week’s must have menswear, and the fashion Friday five as I like to call it. Each week I pick out 5 pieces of menswear which has caught my eye; It could be something unique, a staple piece, something different or just something which I think is cool.

This week has three T-shirts, from a nice slim cut to a loose fit staple piece, and then one of the trends of the season, Tie dye. A nice clean sweatshirt to keep you cool, and a bag which is once again making a familiar comeback this year.

With that said, here’s this week’s must have menswear, and the details where you can get all these items from.

Benetton Bum Bag – £40

Benetton Bumbag in black

I first wrote about the Bumbag trend in 2017, right when it made it’s comeback, and it hasn’t slowed down. In fact, there’s a lot more, in a lot more styles, including this simple branded one from Benetton.

It comes in different colours, but I’ve picked out black, with the lettering in different colours, as with the trend of United Colors Of Benetton. The only difference between the modern take on bumbags and the good old 90’s is the way they’re being worn; Across the body, rather than round the waste. You can join in with the trend with a designer one such as this option.

Selfridges – £40

Polo Ralph Lauren Sweatshirt – £119

Polo Ralph Lauren Sweatshirt In Stripes

We’ve had some amazing weather in the past couple of days, and yes, the Summer is coming, so no need for warm weather clothing. But when the temperatures do drop, like they can do in the UK, this stylish sweatshirt from POLO Ralph Lauren will leave you looking great.

I love the clean cut look of this sweatshirt. With the base colour white, and fine stripes in navy, with one being in red to stand out, it’s a really nice piece.


POLO Ralph Lauren Tie Dye T-Shirt – £65

POLO Ralph Lauren Tie Dye T Shirt

It seems like every week I feature another brand new tie dye T shirt from a different brand, and this week is no different, and this time round it’s from POLO by Ralph Lauren. It comes with that traditional swirl pattern associated with tie dye, but the colours are really nice. Light pastels are combined with a darker red, and I think this works well. It has a POLO 1992 print to the front in white, which is a subtle branding addition.


Cheap Monday Slim Fit T Shirt – £13

Cheap Monday Slim Fit Basic T Shirt In Black

You may have read on my blog that it’s all over for Cheap Monday, they’re ending the high street label, which is a shame. The last collection we’ll see is this SS19 collection, which includes this basic tee.

Slim fit is my favourite fit of T-shirt which is what this is, and is a nice basic tee in plain black. You can’t go wrong with this top, which is pretty timeless.


H&M Loose Fit Striped T Shirt – £9

H&M Nautical Stripe Loose Fit T Shirt

I know that slim fits aren’t for everyone, so if you prefer a looser and more airy fit to your tees, this striped one from H&M will keep you cool this summer. I love nautical stripes, and this tee is a great representation of that style. It’s a basic piece which will keep you looking stylish for years, and can be worn with a number of pieces this season.

H&M – £9

And there you have it, this week’s must have menswear. Let me know what you think of these pieces and if you’re going to pick up any of them. As always, you can find plenty of fashion tips here if you’re looking at what to wear to particular events, or how to style a particular piece of clothing you’ve got.

Have a great weekend 🙂

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