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My Good Work(s) Bracelet In Green

Wednesday, 3rd April, 2013


I got my Good Work(s) bracelet, and I love it ūüėÄ Good Work(s) Make a difference is about combining charity and good causes with fashion. 25% of profits of the bracelets go to these charitable causes. Good Work(s) Make a Difference¬ģ aims at helping foster underprivileged communities through acts of volunteerism, charity, and advocacy.

The bracelet is 90cm long and is a wrap around style, with foil printed text, and is green genuine leather.

The bracelet reads Be happy, be thankful, be funny, be positive, be confident, be random, be a dreamer, be spontaneous, be adorable, be encouraging, be unique, be forgiving, be understanding, be supportive, be courageous, be everything you want to be, Good Work(s) Make a difference.

There is a wide range of styles and colours available at John Greed, priced at around £35 with some on sale for only £31.50.



Check our the official Good Work(s) site here.

Men’s Fashion Trends: Dip Dye & Tie Dye For Summer 2013

Friday, 22nd February, 2013


It’s not the 60s any more, but the colour from back in the day are back for Spring Summer 2013 in the form of tie dye and dip dye fashion. A few months ago I brought you the dip dye Billionaire Boys Club jeans, they look amazing and are something distinctive and different. If you want something a little different to the standard dark and light denim, they are definitely the thing to get.

Bright coluors have been the key to recent fashion trends, we have seen the Top Man Generations showcasing bright oranges, Hugo by BOSS and light pastal colours in it’s Spring 2013 campaign and others.

I really love the dip dye, and the effect it produces. When it’s done right and done with great colours, it gives amazing results with looks that will turn heads. If you are looking to add something dynamic to your wardrobe this would make a great addition.

  1. Red & white dip dye t-shirt by Worn By, with printed pattern throughout the tee. £32 at ASOS
  2. Blues to white dip dye t-shirt from United Colours Of Benetton. £23
  3. Blues and white dip dye jumper from Gant. This is such a beautiful piece, probably my favourite from this little selection. £100
  4. Dip Dye hoodie by ASOS. Blue to green colour, not the greatest colours to blend, but does not look too bad. £28
  5. Indigo tie dye shirt from TopMan. Oversized fit, £34
  6. Hype tie dye socks. Yes! Even socks have got the tie dye treatment. Hype logo from TopMan. £10/pair
  7. Billionaire Boys Club dip dye denim. Look amazing and be different with these. £215 each


Coloured Denim Ready For Spring/Summer 2013

Wednesday, 9th January, 2013


For this spring and summer I decided to take the plunge and go for something a bit different, I am finally going to go into the trend that is coloured denim.

I had bought a few pair of coloured chinos before, but I did not really like them, the look and the bright colour did not seem to be for me. So, for the Spring and Summer this year, I have decided to go all out and buy various different colours of denim, for a more summer and contemporary look.

I love my regular blue denim, but when I look at my wardrobe it’s almost all the same indigo colour…Which I love, but I want something different.

The key with coloured denim or any trousers is matching it up with the correct colour top and/or jacket, this can make it seem more in tone and blend in, so green jeans will not look as outrageous as you may think if you tone it down with a simple white or black t-shirt and black belt.


I got a blue, brown and yellow pair of Cheap Monday, a green pair of DR Denim and a red pair of River Island.

Out of them all I think I actually like the brown colour the best. They look quite bright in the pictures, especially the blue and red, but they are quite toned down and pastel shades of colours; Not so bright that you need sunglasses to look at them :mrgreen:


Christmas Jumpers For Men Tips This Festive Season

Monday, 3rd December, 2012

It’s not something which can be worn all year round, but it’s something which you should have one of in your wardrobe, I am talking about the traditional Christmas jumper.

For a while they had been seen as some sort of novelty and a joke, an unwanted gift from your nana, but really they are just something fun to wear for the festive period. For this winter trend, I have done a round up from some of the online stores retailing some really nice and traditional knits and jumpers.

Christmas Jumper Guide

UPDATE Check out The Best Christmas Jumpers for 2016 here.

UPDATE – Check out The Best Christmas Jumpers 2015 for men here.

Check out the best Christmas Jumpers for 2014, packed with the best festive and novelty Christmas Jumpers and knits.


  • Green snowflake jumper by ASOS – ¬£30
  • White and Red Xmas jumper – ¬£38
  • Red and cream knit – ¬£30

From TopMan

  • Navy Reindeer Jumper – ¬£38
  • Red/White Stag Jumper – ¬£38
  • Burgundy Wolves Jumper – ¬£30

Urban Outfitters

  • Navy Fair Isle Sweater¬†– ¬£60
  • Pattern Vintage Renewal Christmas Sweater – ¬£55
  • Grey Fair Isle Sweater – ¬£60

From Next

Next Christmas Jumpers Р£25 each. Featuring Christmas Pudding, Tree, Snowman and Reindeer.

From River Island


  • Reindeer Jumper – ¬£38
  • Blue multi graphic Knit – ¬£38
  • Cream/Navy Knit – ¬£38

 From Very

  • Gant Reindeer Jumper – ¬£135
  • Goodsouls Reindeer all over print Jumper – ¬£30
  • Goodsouls Reindeer Jumper¬†– ¬£30

 From House Of Fraser


  • Gant snowflake Jumper – ¬£100
  • J. Lindeberg navy Knit – ¬£92
  • Tommy Hilfiger Knit – ¬£76

Fashion Tip: A/W 2012 Knits From H&M – Cashmere Anyone?

Thursday, 27th September, 2012

It’s getting darker earlier, it’s definitely colder, and we are well out of summer and Autumn is here with Winter round the corner. This means it’s time to wrap up warm, so I had a browse through my H&M magazine which came the other day.

I love knits, they are the way to go to keep looking stylish in the autumn and winter. Layer them with a tee or preferably a shirt, throw a jacket over the top and you are set; Be the fashion trend within minutes and keep stylish and warm at the same time.

H&M are now doing 100% cashmere knits; They currently have two to choose from; A cable knit with a round neck collar, and a fine knit V neck. Both styles are available in various colours, and are priced at £59.99.

If you want more bang for your buck or are not a lover of cashmere, there are some V neck Merino wool options available. With a wider selection of colours and priced at only £19.99 these are a must have for your Autumn 2012 wardrobe.

Men’s Fashion Guide: Back To School Fashion Tips 2012

Tuesday, 18th September, 2012

It is September, which means it is that time of year again; Summer is over, summer holidays seem like a lifetime ago, and it’s the start of another school year. If you are depressed about starting, or going back, at least you can be happy knowing you look the part, it’s time to put your summer wardrobe to one side, out goes the striped tees and in comes the knits and sweats in preparation for the cooler (or cold depending on where you on) weather. I have created this men’s fashion guide to give you tips on some styles for what to wear for going back to school or college this season.

Decide on what style you like or what you want to go for; You should be comfortable with whatever you are wearing, if you feel good with your style keep it. Don’t wear something you feel uncomfortable with because someone else said it was trendy, if you feel you look like a douche that is not really what you are going for!

I like the preppy look and if that is the look you are going for then you have to stop by places like Tommy Hilfiger which have a lot of great stuff for back to school; Knits, shirts, chinos, jeans and jackets, they have everything you could want. Here are a few things I have picked out.

These knits are nice and very smart, they are stylish without looking like you are trying too hard. I have selected a simple knit (available in a large number of colours), a patterned cardigan and a knit with a logo, to add a bit of versatility. Style these knits with a shirt, or for a more casual style a tee or polo shirt. These particular knits are around £110-£140.

These shirts are also available from Tommy Hilfiger and look very smart but maintaining a bit of a casual look. The first is a striped shirt, the second is a check shirt and third a larger patterned check shirt. Each of these are new for this season and trendy, they come in at around £75-£85 and are available in a variety of colours.

If you just want a chilled relaxed look and go for comfort over style then a hoodie is a good start. A pull over or jacket style are both good choices. The first is a Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren and has a vintage look and is finished in white. The second is a brighter style with large logo, blue in colour with contrasting orange cords. This is by Danish lifestyle brand Björkvin, both of these are available at Nelly.com. The last is a classic grey zip up hooded top by Superdry. With smaller logo on the breast and plain and simple styling, it is available at ASOS.

The colder weather is coming so you need a jacket which matches your personal style. The first I have picked is a varsity jacket which are still a trend in Autumn 2012. This is an ASOS own brand one and is red with white sleeves. If you like a leather jacket this one by Selected is great for this season, a good length which gives freedom and the simple styling makes it very minimal. If you want a denim look you can pick up this Nudie Jeans jacket which is organic, and made with indigo denim. It has chunky buttons you will find on their jeans, and the quality of finish you can expect from Nudie. These three jackets are available from ASOS.

Fashion Trend AW12 – Varsity Jacket Buyers Guide

Saturday, 1st September, 2012

Varsity jackets, baseball jackets, lettermans jackets, these American inspired pieces come with an array of different names, but what does it all mean, and what should you buy?

They have been popular in American culture for quite some time, mostly with college kids and they are used as jackets for American sports, usually American football. They used to be worn more as sportswear, the football team would wear the jackets, give them to their girlfriends to wear and so on, I am sure we have all seen the American TV shows and movies which depict this. However once they came over to our side of the pond, Europe has taken a whole new look at the varsity jackets, and styled them up, and are now a must-have jacket in everyone’s wardrobe.

So what is the difference between a Varsity, College, Baseball and Lettermans jacket?

Well it is hard to say. Each brand call their different jackets by different names, so if you see one calling it a varsity jacket and another calling it a lettermans jacket but they look the same, they probably are. In my experience of looking I have found that baseball and college jackets are the ones with the same colour body and sleeves; They are usually the ones which are advertised as “College/Baseball jackets”. The Varsity/Lettermans jackets are usually the ones advertised with contrasting body and sleeve colours. The message is not to get hung up on what the brands are calling them, check them out and if you like them then buy it.

What are varsity jackets made from?

This is another difference. The original and genuine varsity jackets which are used in the U.S. are made from 100% wool for the body, and have genuine leather sleeves. These are usually quite expensive and weigh quite a bit. They are heavy and to be honest they are no good for a summers day or even a mildly warm spring or autumn.

There are a few alternatives available, and my favourite are the soft cotton ones, sometimes called “sweatshirt material” because it’s the same feel as a sweatshirt. These are much better to wear as a light jacket in warm conditions, they are very light and feel great. Another alternative are the¬†waxy polyester ones, which I am not a fan of. They get more crinkled and feel a bit too plastic, which I personally do not like. If you want the leather look but not pay leather money, there are some available with fake leather (PU) sleeves, which are quite a bit cheaper then the authentic leather and give a similar look.

Varsity Jacket Designs – What makes a classic varsity jacket?

There are a few key design points for the varsity jacket. If you have looked at a few, you will know what they are:

Sleeves/Body – Usually these are contrasting colours, this is one of the key design points in the varsity jacket, however some designs stick with the same colour body and sleeves.

Collar, Cuffs and Hem trimming – These are usually trimmed with stripes, a lot of the time, two.

Tipped pockets – The pockets are usually tipped a different colour, most of the time it will be the contrasting colour of the jacket i.e. the same colour as the sleeves.

Contrasting Buttons – The buttons will be contrasting, just like the sleeves and pockets.

My varsity and baseball jackets

I got my first jacket in 2010, when they were becoming more and more popular in fashion and fast becoming the style of jacket to have. They are great because of their infinite number of styles and colours they have to offer, you can have 10 people in a room wearing them but they will all look different. Two years on and we are coming into Autumn 2012, and the jackets are still as popular as ever.

Here are my current three jackets which I have, each are different in many ways…


My first was an ASOS own brand jacket and has the same colour body and sleeves, usually called a “baseball jacket”. I got this because it is plain and I planned on customising it myself, as you can see I have done that. I added my initials and my name, which I think looks good. It’s made from “sweatshirt material” and is light and soft.

The second purchase was the blue and white varsity jacket. This is a 100% authentic varsity jacket, and was “made in the USA”. It is made from 100% melton wool, has genuine leather sleeves and has quilt lining. It is super luxurious and premium, and is very heavy to wear.

My third is the red and white Franklin And Marshall jacket. I was looking for a men’s red/white jacket like this for a very long time, not many labels (if any) were doing them back then, but I found this and got it. Again it is made from sweatshirt material and is light and nice to wear.

Buyers guide – What varsity jackets are out there

There are now a large number of labels, stores and brands offering a large selection of varsity jackets for both men and women. From cheaper own brands to the high street, and even high-end labels are now designing this style of jacket.

You got cash? MR Porter has these three high end varsity jackets for your buying pleasure.

The first two are  Monsieur Lacenaire knitted jacket, these are more of a cardigan style. In a lovely blue and contrasting white colour, or opt for the burgundy, with all the markings of a classic varsity. cost Р£300 each.

The Third is a Gucci jacket with a suede front and jersey cotton contrasting sleeves. £805.


ASOS has a large number of baseball and college varsity’s for a high street price. Here are a few favourites which they are currently offering.

First up the baseball jacket by 4TN. Cream body and navy blue sleeves, this is made from soft heavy cotton and has an alternative collar. £85 Currently on sale at £50.

Second is a Franklin and Marshall piece which is similar to the one I have. This comes in light great with navy sleeves. £109 Currently on sale for £49.

Last up from ASOS is this WESC sweat which features a blue body and white sleeves, the WESC logo patch and is made of sweat shirt material. £75 Currently on sale for £48.50


Chinos – Add Some Colour To Your Summer

Wednesday, 30th March, 2011

What do you think of the trend which is colourful chinos? I like them lots, but I feel you have to be a very confidant and fashion forward kind of person. They are quite striking, and do stand out, which can be a good thing if you want to stand out from the rest.

I do like them, but only certain colours. I myself bought some green ones similar to the above, but they did not fit so I had to send them back. I may get some more, and if I do I will get green or red ones, or maybe both. I do like them for the summer, they can look good as long as you match them with the right colour shirt, polo or t-shirt and footwear, and you will be fine. You can also add a belt like in the pictures above which set them off nicely.

I do think a pair of these would be a good addition to any summer wardrobe. Pick a colour you will like, and wear them on the right occasion and you will look good in them.

The first picture are all Ralph Lauren chinos and can be seen and bought [here]. The 2nd collection of pictures are Acne and can be seen and bought [here]