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Men's Fashion Trends 2022

Stay in style with the latest men's fashion trends for the year. Trends change from season to season, you'll find what to wear in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Check out what clothes are currently popular, and the latest menswear you can wear right now.

Fashion Trend AW12 – Varsity Jacket Buyers Guide

Saturday, 1st September, 2012

Varsity jackets, baseball jackets, lettermans jackets, these American inspired pieces come with an array of different names, but what does it all mean, and what should you buy?

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Chinos – Add Some Colour To Your Summer

Wednesday, 30th March, 2011

What do you think of the trend which is colourful chinos? I like them lots, but I feel you have to be a very confidant and fashion forward kind of person. They are quite striking, and do stand out, which can be a good thing if you want to stand out from the rest.

I do like them, but only certain colours. I myself bought some green ones similar to the above, but they did not fit so I had to send them back. I may get some more, and if I do I will get green or red ones, or maybe both. I do like them for the summer, they can look good as long as you match them with the right colour shirt, polo or t-shirt and footwear, and you will be fine.

You can also add a belt like in the pictures above which set them off nicely.

It’s important to note the difference between chinos and khakis. What we call chinos are made from a lighter weight of cotton, whereas the khaki is a heavy cotton twill. Chinos can be thought of as a more smart casual choice, with khakis being more workwear type of pants.

I do think a pair of these would be a good addition to any summer wardrobe. Pick a colour you will like, and wear them on the right occasion and you will look good in them.

The first picture are all Ralph Lauren chinos. The 2nd collection of pictures are Acne

Cricket Jumpers In Fashion

Thursday, 17th March, 2011

What do you think of the cricket jumper fashion trend? I actually like it. I have seen the odd person on websites wearing such jumpers and I think they look really cool. Its a trend which seems to be unisex, with both men and women taking on this trend to wear what some will see as an uncool wooly jumper which is the Cricket jumper.

UPDATE – Check out Men’s Cricket Jumpers Fashion Trends For 2015

Here are some I have picked out which I like:

The big brands have taken up this trend, above we see J. Lindeberg and Ralph Lauren, who both make some really nice things.

  1. Ralph Lauren Long Sleeve Jumper £300
  2. Ralph Lauren Cricket Vest £170
  3. J. Lindeberg Cricket Jumper £160

As mentioned above, women have also picked up this trend, and there are lots on offer from the high street including

  1. Phillipa 2 tone Cricket Jumper £20.99
  2. SoulCal Cricket Jumper £29.99
  3. Striped Cricket Jumper by New Look £19.99

These of course will not be to everyone’s taste. I do think they look really good for a man or woman, I like the V neck detail, aswell as them looking very warm. Men could wear this with a shirt as above and look stylish and sophisticated in one.

What do you think of “Cricket Fashion”?

Man Bags Going Mainstream In 2011

Tuesday, 1st March, 2011

Messenger bags, shoulder bags, dispatch bags, satchels…When these are in a mans possession they are commonly called the Man Bag. In the past these have been seen as a very feminine item, only bought by a certain type of people, including male fashionistas. Now, however, times are changing. It is now acceptable to carry a man bag, many men are now buying them, and the high street and high-end fashion labels have recognised the trend, by offering a wider selection of bags for men.

Why are they now more acceptable? The answer is the modern man now likes to carry more things, aswell as being fashionable. We can now do that. What might the modern man carry?

One of the biggest reasons why men are now using fashionable bags is because of technology. Tablet devices such as the iPad are fashionable, you need something to carry it in. The rise of laptops and netbooks also has a part to play. The young professional male who takes his iPad to work doesnt want to carry it in a cheap plastic bag, he needs something more durable and stylish, and have enough room for other things. The man bag enables us to carry around things which we wouldnt normally because we couldnt, e.g. a Laptop or iPad.

Now we see why girls like bags so much. They arent just practical, in the hands of a man they are the Swiss Army Knift of accessories.

Here are some of what is on offer, these are my picks of what the fashionable male can carry around.

Here are my picks of man bags. A selection from Diesel, Paul Smith, Ted Baker, Dolce And Gabbana and if you want to spend a small fortune, Louis Vuitton.