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Men’s Fashion Guide: Back To School Fashion Tips 2012

Tuesday, 18th September, 2012

It is September, which means it is that time of year again; Summer is over, summer holidays seem like a lifetime ago, and it’s the start of another school year. If you are depressed about starting, or going back, at least you can be happy knowing you look the part, it’s time to put your summer wardrobe to one side, out goes the striped tees and in comes the knits and sweats in preparation for the cooler (or cold depending on where you on) weather. I have created this men’s fashion guide to give you tips on some styles for what to wear for going back to school or college this season.

Decide on what style you like or what you want to go for; You should be comfortable with whatever you are wearing, if you feel good with your style keep it. Don’t wear something you feel uncomfortable with because someone else said it was trendy, if you feel you look like a douche that is not really what you are going for!

I like the preppy look and if that is the look you are going for then you have to stop by places like Tommy Hilfiger which have a lot of great stuff for back to school; Knits, shirts, chinos, jeans and jackets, they have everything you could want. Here are a few things I have picked out.

These knits are nice and very smart, they are stylish without looking like you are trying too hard. I have selected a simple knit (available in a large number of colours), a patterned cardigan and a knit with a logo, to add a bit of versatility. Style these knits with a shirt, or for a more casual style a tee or polo shirt. These particular knits are around £110-£140.

These shirts are also available from Tommy Hilfiger and look very smart but maintaining a bit of a casual look. The first is a striped shirt, the second is a check shirt and third a larger patterned check shirt. Each of these are new for this season and trendy, they come in at around £75-£85 and are available in a variety of colours.

If you just want a chilled relaxed look and go for comfort over style then a hoodie is a good start. A pull over or jacket style are both good choices. The first is a Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren and has a vintage look and is finished in white. The second is a brighter style with large logo, blue in colour with contrasting orange cords. This is by Danish lifestyle brand Björkvin, both of these are available at Nelly.com. The last is a classic grey zip up hooded top by Superdry. With smaller logo on the breast and plain and simple styling, it is available at ASOS.

The colder weather is coming so you need a jacket which matches your personal style. The first I have picked is a varsity jacket which are still a trend in Autumn 2012. This is an ASOS own brand one and is red with white sleeves. If you like a leather jacket this one by Selected is great for this season, a good length which gives freedom and the simple styling makes it very minimal. If you want a denim look you can pick up this Nudie Jeans jacket which is organic, and made with indigo denim. It has chunky buttons you will find on their jeans, and the quality of finish you can expect from Nudie. These three jackets are available from ASOS.

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