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Man Up Film Review On Blu Ray

Wednesday, 16th March, 2016

Man Up Film Review

Last week I reviewed Trainwreck, and this week it’s another rom-com in the form of Man Up. It stars Lake Bell and Simon Pegg, and is basically about a single woman who meets a guy accidently and they go on a date…

I love Lake Bell, she was a lead role in one of my favourite series which HBO disgracefully cancelled, How To Make It In America, it was a brilliant show! πŸ˜› Anyway, in this she plays a Brit, Nancy, which means a British accent. It was really weird to hear her speaking in an accent at first, but as the film went on it became more normal sounding. She is a 34yr old woman with a sister who is happily married and comes from a happy family where her mam & dad are also happily married (and celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary), however she’s single. On her way to her parents wedding anniversary party she sits next to a woman (Jessica) reading a self-help book who’s going on a blind date, who decides to leave her the book believing she needs it. Nancy then meets Jack (Simon Pegg) accidently, who mistakes her for his date Jessica, Nancy decides to go along with it, and goes on the date, and the story goes from there.

I won’t spoil the rest if you haven’t seen it, but I have to say it is a good film, filled with a lot of laughs and a good storyline too. Plenty of British humour, bar scenes and scenes in proper British houses, it’s a real Brit rom-com and a one I enjoyed.

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