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Lumix XS1 In New Fashionable Colours Inc. Pop Art Design

Saturday, 11th May, 2013


I was searching for a new camera (shock!) for myself, I just wanted to see what really fun, small, party style cameras were out there. I have a decent compact (Sony HX5V) which I got 3 years or so ago, and I have my Canon 600D DSLR which I love, my iPhone of course, but nothing in the middle. I was on the hunt for something really sleek, slim, small, and just a laugh, all for a budget price.

I found the Panasonic Lumix XS1 which looks to almost fit the bill, the only thing missing was WIFI which I would love to have, sending a pic from the camera to my phone to the blog or Instagram is a real draw to me, but the XS1 doesn’t have this feature. It does claim to be the thinnest compact camera at only 14mm, and has some creative filters to give it the fun aspect I want.

Panasonic have now released 10 brand new colour models, each featuring a cool fashionable print. There are prints such as leopard print, underground print, floral, camo and  pop art.

My favourites are the pop art and the underground tube map style of print. I really like the idea of walking around snapping pics with one of these, they are very different and unique, and just  a bit of fun.

They are not released yet, the standard colours models cost £100 but these limited edition prints may not make it over to the UK, they are currently being released in the U.S. (for delivery in June) with a $20 premium on the standard colours.

These will have course will not be to everyone’s taste, but if you want something a little bit different, and something fun, then it’s a good choice. This is a budget rage camera, so I am not expecting DSLR type photos, but it is also tiny, and will very, very easily fit into a jean pocket which is great for a night out.


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