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Luis Aragonés Euro 2008 & Spain Documentary (Luis, el sabio del éxito)

Sunday, 7th April, 2019

Luis, el sabio del éxito Amazon Prime Review

As you’ll know from reading my blog over the years, I am a massive Spain fan. A huge Spain fan. Back in 2008, Spain won Euro 2008, the first time they have won a trophy since 1964. It was an incredible time, and the start of a great journey for Spain.

Amazon has created a couple of short documentary style films, called Luis, el sabio del éxito which takes a look at behind the scenes footage from the tournament, which has never been seen before.

As soon as I found out about this, I had to see it!

The manager was Luis Aragonés, and is the key protagonist in the film, showcasing the best never seen before, behind the scenes clips from Euro 2008. There’s footage from the dressing rooms before and after games, from a players perspective, and it looks great. It’s almost like you’re in the dressing room with the players, the most close up looking footage which there has been in any of these documentaries.

Rather than other filming, such as the All or Now documentary from Man City, it seems like although this was shot on a camera clearly for people to watch, that was more of an after thought. That means you get the real rawness of the footage, rather than the Man City or Six Dreams footage where they knew a documentary was being filmed, so could film exactly what they wanted at the best angles.

There’s footage on the bus, at team meetings and before games. As a fan, it’s as close as you’ll ever get to being in a dressing room in a major football tournament, it’s simply brilliant.

For myself, this is a brilliant feature to watch. There’s two episodes, the first being 26 minutes, the second being 38, and both are brilliant. The only bad thing I could say is that it doesn’t go on long enough.

It’s a must watch for Spain fans, and even if you’re just a football fan, it’s a good look into the start of Spain’s winning years.

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