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The Loyalty With Your Barber & Hair Stylist

Thursday, 28th July, 2016

Barber Loyalty with Just For Men

The relationship you have between yourself and a barber or stylist can be quiet a close one, I know that over the years I have actually only had a handful of people cutting my hair since my days at school right up until today. There is a lot of trust and loyalty when it comes to the person cutting your hair.

For me it all starts from age of around 10 or 11, when you go and get your haircut with your mates, and go to the barbers to get it cut. Since then, I had the same barber right up until around the age of 23.

My hair back then was as simple as shaving it all off, then I decided I wanted to grow it longer and have some kind of style, rather than just having it all shaved off, so decided to go to a city centre hair salon, and got myself a new stylist to cut my hair.

All went well, then they moved to a new hair salon, which meant either getting a new hair dresser, or moving to the new salon with the same stylist. I chose to move. (check out how often men should get a hair cut)

I am not alone in having loyalty to the person cutting my hair, in fact in a study conducted by Just For Men, they found that Over half (51%) of guys have been visiting their Barber for over 3 years, with 15% visiting the same barber for more than 10 years!

It is not just the skill or quality of cutting hair, it’s the whole experience and relationship you have, almost like a close friend, we’ve all probably told things to our barbers and stylists that we wouldn’t even tell our friends or family!

You also need that personality mixture, someone who you can talk to. According to the Just For Men study, British men are looking for Barbers to have a good sense of humour (57%), be great to banter with (41%).

Check out the video about one barber who’s had a customer for over 20 years!

As you know for the past few years in the Summer I have gone clean shaven, and had a beard in the Winter. I occasionally like to dye my hair darker because I hate the shade of brown it naturally is, and prefer very dark brown.

There’s no problem in the Summer when I have no beard, but when I decide to grown some facial hair it gets harder to do this, as the colour of my beard will be quite a bit lighter than my hair. That usually means I have to either lose the beard or just stick with my natural hair colour.

Just For Men have a moustache and beard brush in colour gel in a range of colours, which works in 5 minutes. It’s easy to apply, with the colour gel coming with a small application brush which is said to give an instant boost to your facial hair. It’s something I will definitely need to try out once I have my beard back.

Written in partnership with Just For Men

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