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Little Apple Round Up – iPad Mini, iPhone5, Mountain Lion et al.

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Thursday, 26th July, 2012


It seems like just yesterday when I got my first Mac, my Macbook Pro. In fact it was the back end of 2008, this was the first of the “unibody” Macbooks, and it has been good to me I guess. I use it for work most of the time, I cannot leave my Windows PC which I use mostly 😀 I think I got an iPhone after getting this (iPhone 3G).

So yesterday Mountain Lion came out, and I am able to get it for my Mac. I am worried that when the next one comes out that my Mac will not be supported; Apple have a habit of doing things like that so you go out and buy more hardware. It is a bit of a disgrace really considering my Mac cost £1749, you do not get that with Windows, you can use the latest on any machine even a terrible one but it will be really slow, at least you are given a choice from Microsoft.

Similarly the next iOS, iOS6 will not work on the original iPad, which is only 2 years old. So if you bought the original iPad and are happily using it, it will be effectively obsolete when the new software comes out.

iPad mini is rumoured too, aka a smaller iPad. It could be a good gadget and good for Apple, they need to get people buying more devices and geeky gadget people may get this. It is also said to be cheaper, and could be half the price, which will sit alongside the Nexus 7 and other cheaper tablets.

But the big thing I am waiting for is the new iPhone, probably called the iPhone 5. I have had mine for a long time, my 18 month contract ran out a few months back so I am ready and waiting to get a new phone, the new iPhone. The latest rumour I heard was mid-September, but if you follow such things, you will know that there are rumours on a daily basis 😛

I am not an Apple fan boy or anything, but at this moment in time I think that they are making the best and most user friendly things, especially when it comes to tablets and smartphones. The computers I can probably live without, and with Windows 8 coming I might get a Windows based ultrabook as my next laptop should I buy one.

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