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Last Night’s Film Night – Movie 43

Monday, 22nd July, 2013


So last night was film night, I got Parker and Movie 43 the other day, so I decided I would watch Movie 43. It was not really what I expected πŸ˜›

It’s supposed to be a comedy, and I thought it was going to be really good, and it was OK, but not what I expected. The main storyline is about some old-teen trying to get his own back on his younger brother by stealing his laptop and putting a virus on. He distracts him by telling him to help him find a banned movie on the Internet from his computer, all he knows about it is that it’s called Movie 43.

From then on he searches for movies, and each time is a small sub-film within this film, all comedy type scenes with various Hollywood stars like Richard Gere, Stephen Merchant, Halle Berry, Josh Duhmal, Kristen Bell, Elizabeth Banks and a whole load more.

It’s a sort of spoof, “gross out comedy” as Americans may call it, I did not think it was very good…It did have a couple of laughs, but in terms of scale I would say it’s a tad better than Hot Tub Time Machine, the worst film I have ever bought on Blu ray.

It was not worth the Β£15, If you don’t like spoof types of films I’d give this one a miss.

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