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Last Night Out In Newcastle Nov 6 2010

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Sunday, 7th November, 2010

Hello blog!

I am still here 😛 Sorry about the bad updates, but there was nothing worth writing about.

Here is what I wore last night.

Roberto Cavalli Scarf
All Saints Long Sleeve T Shirt
Prada Jeans
D&G Watch

Last night I was out in Newcastle which was fun. Went to Soho which I havent been to before, it was cool, they sell Estrella Damm and I had one, not many places in Newcastle sell it. Also went to Madisons and the gate, and bars like Beyond, Indigo, Players and Lloyds.

Some girl kept trying to take my photo. Sometimes i dont mind, but mostly dont like it. I hate my photo being taken usually, so a random girl having a pic of me freaks me out a bit. The thing you should do is take a pic of someone trying to take your pic :mrgreen: Here is the girl, what do you think of her?

Also, the blonde girl was her friend, and tried to have a photo with us. I dont really want my photos ending up on someones Facebook, which is why I hate it being taken. If you want a photo of me that is ok, but I will take the photo and put it on my blog 😉

Went home a bit early, 1AM, and got a SubWay, Chicken with HP brown sauce of course 😀

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