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Saturday, 17th April, 2010

Heeey Blog!

Last night was a good night! We went out in Newcastle and for once didnt go to the same 3 or 4 bars! :mrgreen: It was a really quiet night in those places anyway, we did go to 1, Baby Lynch, which had hardly any people in it. They did there usual of not giving me Redbull when i asked for it, instead giving me the cheaper one, and it still cost over Β£4.50! It tasted like shit! Not just because it wasnt real Redbull, but because it tasted like water! They used Smirnoff, but it tasted so weak, it must of been watered down. Also got a free shot, which was stronger, it was Peach Schnapps πŸ˜›

Went to a few more bars, got another disgusting Vodka from City Vaults…I dont know why i buy vodka/Redbull in such places, they are low class and it never tastes good and you always pay lots anyway.

Mushroom bar was good, had a Skittles in there, if you dont know what this is its basically Taboo, Vodka, Orange blue curacao and lemonade…It tastes better than it sounds :mrgreen: Its “the drink to have” in such a bar. The bouncer was such a twat, i asked him when it closed, and he didnt really say much; Someone else in the queue said “2” and he said “who said 2” in the most angry/miserable voice…Fuck sake i hate bouncers like this, some are cool but this one wasnt.

The highlight was going to Babylon though. This is a 90s bar, and they played loads good songs from the 90s, and also some from the 80s and early 00’s aswell, which shouldnt be allowed for a 90s bar! πŸ˜› Its a good change going here, since the other bars play more or less the same music.

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