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Last Night In Newcastle

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Sunday, 25th July, 2010

Hello blog readers 🙂

Last night i was out in Newcastle, it was an alright night. It was really busy everywhere, it was ladies day at the races so loads of people were out. The bars were filled with the girls in their posh dresses and hats, and it took ages just to get a drink, there were queues at lots of places.

I went into a new bar, Stein Bier Keller at the Quayside. I have to say, it was the most understocked bar i have ever been into! There were so little drinks to choose from, some foreign beers i hadnt heard of, and not many of them. It was a shame because it was an alright bar, the music was good. I got a Desperado, it was horrible, i used to like them, but they do now taste so bad!

There were so many drunk girls out! :mrgreen: I saw a few stumble past me, one fell, then got up and fell again. She must of been in some pain, she was holiding her friend and almost crying, when i left i saw them sitting down outside on the ground, maybe she really hurt her leg.

I did not stay out too late, i could not really be bothered. I noticed the price of bottles seems to be high now! It was almost £4 for a Smirnoff Ice, it used to be closer to £3. Oh well, thats the economy for you!

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