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Last Night In Newcastle (23rd Oct)

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Sunday, 24th October, 2010

Hello blog!

How are you? I am feeling good today! I must of had a really good sleep or something πŸ™‚ Normally on Sundays I feel tired and fatigued, but not today.

Here is what i wore last night. I wore my beloved Simon Carter scarf again, it was funny because I looked very smart, and some other douche in a bar looked like he had just fell out of a sports shop, hoodie, jacket, horrible t-shirt, crappy trainers, I would never go out like that! :mrgreen: Also wore my Junk De luxe blue jumper, I love it, I think I have only wore it a few times. Jeans were True Religion.

Last night I was out in Newcastle with some friends, and it was good. Had quite a bit to drink actually, 3 Monster and Vodkas in the first bar alone…It was a JD Wetherspoons bar (The Milecastle) which is why I had to have Monster and not Redbull.

Also went to some other bars like Bijoux, Destination and Revolution. I love Revolution, its a good bar, but there is usually a queue outside or it takes 20 minutes at the bar. Last night we went to the top bar, I think you can only get cocktails from there, I had a Woo Woo:mrgreen: Its such a cool space, its a shame it takes so long to get served or I would go here lots more. The music was a mix of everything aswell, so there was Hip Hop, old skool dance like The Prodigy, and even Taio Cruz (I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying AAAAYYOO GOTTA LET GO!) πŸ˜›

haha, look at the evil girl πŸ˜€ dont look in her eyes LOL

Then for some reason my friends wanted to go to a gay club, I dont really get why, they arent gay (allegedly) so why would you wanna go? Oh well, I went to Subway and hadΒ a chicken sandwich and went home πŸ™‚

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