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Last night in Newcastle

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Thursday, 22nd July, 2010

Hello blog 🙂

I was out in Newcastle for some drinks last night. I had an Estrella Damm, the first one i have had in a long time!!! Its my favourite beer, i drink it when i go to Spain all the time.

Went to Floritas, and the bouncer asked for ID!? Asking for ID on a Wednesday night when there was about 6 people in the bar. what a joke! I had ID, my friend didnt so we ended up not going in. The bouncer was a grumpy one aswell, i said “god you are asking for ID on a Wednesday” and he said “you still have to be 18 whatever day it is” What a douche, like we arent 18. Most the bars should be crying out for people to go in them when they are so empty.

Also seen a new food place, you have heard of KFC, this is TFC – Tasty Fried Chicken :mrgreen: They have almost identically copied the KFC style and logo, and the price is about the same aswell!


Went clubbing in Beyond. It was alright, but their drinks promotions are shit!! crappy vodka and coke is £1, but i dont like that. Most beer was £3.30 which is terrible really, quite expensive for a bottle.

Their night was called “good times” and was free to get in, good job because i wouldnt of paid to get in. The DJ was the WORST i have ever heard! Seriously, he could not beatmatch or even play music! He was fading music up and down with huge gaps, and playing tiny parts of songs, and could not mix for shit!! I think i will be a DJ in a club in Newcastle, its obviously not hard to get a gig!!

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