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Kindle Fire 7″ – Coming Soon To The UK?

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Monday, 3rd October, 2011

If you haven’t jumped on the tablet bandwagon yet Amazon is here to thrown another tablet into the gadget fire. They have announced their offering, the Amazon Fire, which is a 7″ tablet running a customised version of Android. The biggest selling point of this tablet is the price…Amazon have announced it at a very tempting $199.

There is no word on the UK release at the moment, no date or price, but if you use ye olde currency converter then it works out at under £130; But I imagine with the excuses of shipping, tax and duties Amazon will sell this for around the £150 mark to the UK, which is still super cheap for a tablet.

The low price of course comes with a couple of drawbacks, first off it is no iPad 2, it doesn’t have cameras, it isn’t as powerful, the quoted battery life isn’t as good, it only has 8GB of internal storage.

However there are many positives. For one there is free cloud storage for Amazon content, so no real need for internal space. It is a true stand alone device, no computer is needed which Amazon are nice enough to point out 😉 Another good thing is that Amazon have their own music, movie and media store, which has been growing nicely, so no need to worry about using iTunes to get media. The other obvious point is the price, which nobody can argue with, it looks like an absolute bargain when you consider the iPad is twice the price.

Another plus is the free content for Amazon Prime customers. Amazon US have said that Prime customers will get free streaming of 10,000 films and tv shows, which, may get more people (maybe including myself) to subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Have Amazon learned from the HP Touchpad? If you remember (or know) the HP Touchpad was discontinued last month, and HP had a firesale and sold them all off for a price of £89, and everyone went mental!! One day an easy to buy tablet became the most elusive gadget for weeks, there was even talk of some retailers selling them on Ebay for more than the RRP trying to maximise their profits.

With the HP Touchpad sale, it gave Amazon and others exactly what they needed, the price which people would run out and buy a tablet. Even though the sale RRP was £89, they were selling at double that on Ebay, and people were seemingly happy to pay that.

But hold your horses, Amazon have not denied that a 10″ version will be available in the future…So what does that mean? Only time will tell I guess! 😉

Amazon Fire, it does seem like it could be great, so we will have to see what it brings to the table when it is released.


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