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Just Friends For Film Night

Sunday, 16th September, 2018

Just Friends Film Review

Hey guys!

So it was another film night, and I was having a browse around on Amazon Prime to see if there were any good films which I hadn’t seen. There’s a lot of ones I’ve seen before, but I wanted something new, at least to me, and also something a bit light.

I came across a film called Just Friends, which seemed to be quite light, and is a comedy with Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart and Anna Faris. It’s a rom-com type of film, and has a stereotypical and predictable plot, but that’s not a bad thing.

It’s about a guy called Chris who’s fat and a bit of a geek in high school, who’s friends with a girl called Jamie but likes her more than friends, only she doesn’t realise it. She has a graduation party where she discovers that he likes her, and she kisses him on the cheek and says she likes him like a brother, with the whole class laughing at him.

10 Years later he’s a hot shot agent out in LA, fit and a ladies man. He goes back to him hometown with a popular singer which his boss wants him to sign, and that’s where most of the film unfolds.

He runs into Jamie at the local bar, where she’s unimpressively working, but only part time as she wants to be a teacher, and still lives with her parents. Chris then plots to go out with her and try to rekindle something with her, trying to get the girl that he loved as a teen.

It all unfolds from there.

The film is pretty decent, with plenty of laughs within. It was a good watch, and was the perfect length at 1 hour 30 minutes, it didn’t drag out scenes like so many films do. Chris Klein from American Pie makes a few cameo appearances, and Anna Faris who’s playing the crazy popstar Samantha is also really good.

If you’re looking for something lighthearted and a bit of fun, Just Friends works.

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