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It’s The Weeeekeeeend!

Friday, 24th September, 2010

Woohoo Weekend is here! WOW Winter is also here! We had a brief, very brief in fact sunny day, and yesterday it poured down, and has been miserable today aswell. There were a few floods in Newcastle apparently, i didnt see them.

I could not be bothered to go to ASDA last night at midnight, so i went today to get F1 2010 for my XBOX 360. I cant believe how busy ASDA was! I went at around 10.30am, and the carpark was really full, i thought it would be quiet since its the morning and people have jobs, but no, it was really busy. I had to ask for the game at the desk, they didnt have it on display, which is stupid. It only cost Β£34.97, i have no idea how Game think they can charge Β£49.99, WTF!?!?

This weekend i have no plans at all, probably stay at home, maybe have some drinks, and probably play on my new game like a child wooohooo! πŸ˜›

I also did over 5,000 miles on my car this week, it feels old now :mrgreen: No, everyone knows that is hardly anything, considering i have had it almost 18 months its nothing. I might sell it after 3 years, so it will only have around 10,000 miles on it, which will set it apart from the others on sale πŸ™‚

I also got my bumper from Apple. I chose the most boring one, because its an official Apple one, and i only had to wait around 2 weeks to get it, some others had a much longer waiting time, i might buy more in the future. I think they are Β£25, but i got it for free, Apple are giving them away if you buy an iPhone before 30th September.

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