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The iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Announced

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Thursday, 8th September, 2016


So yesterday I watched a bit of the Apple conference, and as expected, the iPhone 7 and 7 plus was announced (along with some other stuff like the watch). It was the usual slick presentation, and you have to hand it to Apple, they do these things pretty well. Here’s what we learned about the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and I reveal why I will not be upgrading.

iPhone 7 New Features

  • New colours; Jet Black and black (as well as the silver, gold and rose gold we’ve already seen) The Jet Black is only available in 128gb and 256gb models.
  • Better cameras; 12MP on the rear with a 1.8f aperture with optical image stabilisation  and 4K video recording
  • Splash and dust resistant
  • New Home button, customisable and force sensitive
  • No 3.5mm Headpohne jack
  • A better display with 3D touch (1334×750 resolution)
  • Apple A10 fusion chip (said to be 2x faster than the iPhone 6)
  • Longer battery life (said to be 2 additional hours)
  • Stereo speakers
  • New 256GB model available – Size configurations are now 32, 128 and 256gb
  • Ear pods with lightning connector included in box, as well as lightning-to-3.5mm jack included

The iPhone 7 Plus also includes a second camera on the rear, which is a telephoto camera for better zooming capabilities, and you can get a bokeh (background blur) effective images which they’re calling portrait mode. It also comes with a higher resolution screen, finally a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus UK Price

iPhone 7 32GB – £599
iPhone 7 128GB – £699
iPhone 7 256GB – £799
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB – £719
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB – £819
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB – £919

I paid £699 for my iPhone 6 128GB at launch, so the pricing (for that model at least) has not changed.

Initial Thoughts

Overall I think that the phone is pretty good. I am not an Apple fanboy, but I do like the iOS as a phone/tablet operating system, and I think the phones are pretty good. I like my iPhone 6, and yes, this is more of the same, with plenty of improvements.

No Headphone Jack

It was rumoured and expected, Apple has removed the headphone jack. Just as they removed traditional USB from their MacBook, they’ve done a good job at their pitch for their reasons why they’ve done this; Tim Cook called it “Courage”. It was actually quite a good sell, and I am actually in two minds about this. First of all, I love a universal standard, that’s what a 3.5mm jack is, it’s been around forever and I love it. However when I really think about the practicalities of it all, the only time I use headphones when I am out is on my phone, and I do use an iPhone. Of course I use headphones in the house too, but my DJ console uses a 5.25″ jack and that’s a whole other story! :mrgreen:

Air Pods

Along with the non-Headphone jack comes a new accessory to listen to your music, it’s Apple’s wireless in-ear headphones which they’re calling Air Pods. People have already made jokes about them, the most common being “I’ve already lost my Airpods”. This WILL happen. My biggest problem with wireless headphones has always been you need to charge them, or make sure they’re always charged. This is why I prefer corded headphones. These will last 5 hours, which may sound like a long time, but I have no doubt I’d forget to charge them, and therefore I wouldn’t be able to listen to them.

Apple has a solution, they come with a charging case which can carry an extra 24 hours of charge. Of course that means carrying around a case with you, no ideal if you’re going on a run or something like that. The cost for the new Air Pods? £159

Why I Won’t Be Upgrading

My current iPhone is the first phone I bought outright, Sim Free, and cost £699. I’ve had it 2 years now, and so even though the initial down payment was large, it’s much less than the £200+£40-ish/month for 24 months which it would have cost me (around £200 less when you factor in a decent monthly plan). My thoughts at the time were I could do this every 2 years and be better off than on a contract, and also not be tied to a contract. However 2 years later I am sitting here with my iPhone and I still like it. It’s still smooth, fast, works well, and I am happy with it. I don’t have a reason to upgrade, so I won’t. It doesn’t feel old, and the iPhone 7 is not a big enough sell for me, personally. That means I could have my iPhone 6 for another 2 years, which sounds crazy to me since I love technology and the latest and greatest, but it’s becoming a reality.

If you want to know everything about it in less than 2 minutes, Apple made this handy video:

You can pre-order the iPhone 7 from 9th September (tomorrow) with delivery expected a week later, 16th September.

Will you be getting the new iPhone 7?

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