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iPhone 5S and 5c Unveiled

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Wednesday, 11th September, 2013


Last night the latest iPhone models were unveiled, the iPhone 5S and the less expensive 5c.

The 5S is seen as the flagship model, upgrade from the iPhone 5, which has a new CPU and GPU (A7 and M7 respectively) , a fingerprint sensor in the home button, a better camera and is available in a new colour, gold, as well as silver and black.

The 5c is the more interesting of the models, billed as a less expensive model although it can not really be considered cheap, a SIM Free/Pay as you go option will set you back £469, which is only £80 less than the flagship 5S. This comes in green, blue, yellow, pink and white and is made from plastic rather than aluminium.

4G finally in the UK for iPhones

The fiasco that was the sale of the 4G spectrum in the UK meant that, for iPhone’s at least, you could only get 4G network connectivity on the EE network. Both the 5c and 5S support more bands and therefore you will be able to use 4G (providing it’s available) on other networks; O2 have confirmed that they will be offering both phones on their 4G network.

The 5S will go on sale on 20th September and pre-orders for the 5c will begin Friday 13th September. Both handsets will ship with the new iOS7.

Which to get?

If you have an iPhone 5 then it’s probably not worth upgrading to either phone. The 5S is the same phone with a bit more power, and the odd new feature such as the fingerprint ID. The 5c is pretty much the same as the current 5, but wrapped in a bright, colourful plastic skin.

O2 are currently offering the 5c on a 24 month contract @ £32/month with the phone costing £49.99. They are offering the 5S on a 24 month contract @ £37/month with the phone costing £119.99.


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