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iPhone 5 – First Impressions

Saturday, 22nd September, 2012

If you read my blog you will know that I have been out of contract for a long while, and waiting for this, the iPhone 5. It got released today, and I got one on the day of release which is quite cool 😀

So…What about the phone? My old phone was the iPhone 4 so I will be comparing it with that for most of this.

The noticeable differences

It’s faster – Web pages load faster, apps open quicker, it is very noticeable after using it for just a short period of time.
Bigger & bigger screen – There is an extra row of apps for a start, and when you use the phone it does feel taller, quite good for browsing and using apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram which utilize timelines.
New camera – I have not really tried it out at of yet, but it also features a panorama mode which looks good, I have used the Sweep Panorama on my Sony digital camera which is quite good.
It’s lighter – You can feel the difference of it being lighter.
iOS 6 comes pre-installed.

iOS6 – Missing maps and YouTube

iOS6 seems to work fine, no huge differences from this and iOS5, but there are a few things missing which you have probably heard about, namely Google Maps and YouTube. You can now get a stand alone YouTube app from the app store which I have already got and it works great.

Google Maps has been replaced by Apple’s own variation, as you will probably know if you watch the news, and it has had terrible reviews. I have not used it in a practical situation, but had a look, and spotted errors in my area straight away. It claims that a Greggs is only 100 metres from my house, where there are only houses and a residential area. It shows a petrol station which has not been there for probably over 15-20 years. You have heard that the maps is terrible, I can definitely confirm it is, and pretty much unusable. The only saviour is that you can use Google Maps via the browser, until they bring out their own app (rumours that they have one already, which is awaiting approval from Apple).

Not having Google Maps is a huge mistake IMO by Apple, they just want to move away from it because of the obvious rivalry from themselves and Google. It is one of those features which you will realise how much you loved it when it is gone. I use it all the time when travelling, I have become almost relent on it, as have many. Not having Flash annoyed a lot of people, but iPhone never had it, so it was almost like “you don’t miss what you have never had”. However now they have taken away a feature it did have, it’s going to (and already is) annoy a huge number of people.

You get the new connector in the box with a mains adapter, a booklet, and the new headphones; No adapter for the old style connectors.


So far I like the phone, I am happy to have got it. I like my iPhone 4 and in terms of features I was quite happy with it, as I have said over and over smartphones are about the Apps, and since it uses the same App store this is just as good. If you are looking for something revolutionary or groundbreaking you will not find it here, which I am perfectly happy with, you wont find it anywhere else either. Think of it this way; It’s like buying a new TV. It might have a couple of new features or a facelift, but in the end you still watch the same old programmes you loved before :mrgreen: This phone is an upgrade, if you like your iPhone and want or need an upgrade then I would go for this. If you want to try something different, there are a lot of very good alternatives available now, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Nokia Lumia 900 spring to mind.

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