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iPhone 4S Has Just Been Announced

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Tuesday, 4th October, 2011

The poor new guy at Apple…

Tim Cook the new Steve Jobs unveiled the “new” iPhone, which is not so much different to the old one. In fact, the design and actual handset is virtually identical if not the same, and he tried to hammer home that this is indeed a much better phone “on the inside”.

So basically, what has changed, what is new, what do you need to know?

  • Faster and better processor (“A5 chip”)
  • better graphics
  • It has something called Siri
  • It is out 14th October for the U.S. and The UK, as well as Germany, France, Japan, Australia and Canada, and 28th October for other countries such as Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and more
  • Faster capable data at 14.4Mbps
  • New Camera which is 8mp and records 1080p video which is CMOS back lit.  The Camera is supposedly a lot better

And that is pretty much all. The highlights? Nothing much. It has a better camera, that is about all. Sure it is faster and quicker, and have better graphics, but its a new device, its hardly going to be the same or slower as its predecessor is it?!

Siri is a complete novelty from what I can see. Basically its voice recognition, and you can use it to do tasks with your phone, basically instead of pressing buttons. It is complete novelty, just like voice dialing, does anyone actually use it? I can’t see me using that at all….I can imagine it being a complete gimmick used by middle aged men to show their non-geeky middle aged men friends what they can do “aup lad ‘ave you seen what I do, I can talk to my phone“.

So the iPhone 4S is a great phone, but not if you already have an iPhone 4. There is not enough improvement, no new design, no bigger screen, it doesn’t offer anything significant.

Come to think of it the people who come up with these ideas must not like actual interaction; There is a new “find your friends” thing, you can talk to you phone….Why not just call your friends and ask them where they are, and talk to them instead of your new iPhone 4S? :mrgreen:

So having said all that I doubt I will get one, and I will wait for the iPhone 5 like I am sure most others who already have an iPhone 4 will.


My iPhone 4…Or is it a 4S? hmmm 😉

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