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iPad Pro – Officially Coming In November

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Friday, 11th September, 2015


The news I have been waiting on for a while; The iPad Pro! It’s now real, and is coming soon…In November to be exact. I have wanted a bigger iPad since before I got my iPad 2, which is around 4 years old now. I have never replaced it with a newer model because it’s been good, and never really needed replacing. I was going to go for a new one this time round, and have been hearing the rumours of a larger iPad for some time now, so I’ve resisted getting one. Now however, I will hopefully be getting a new one.

What’s changed?

It’s still an iPad at heart, it runs iOS which is exactly what I have been looking for; Something the same, but bigger and better. It has more power, and a refined touchscreen which will come in handy, as they’ve released a stylus too, dubbed the Apple Pencil. This is sold separately ($99 in the USA), which is a bit of a kick in the teeth when you hear the price of the device which I’ll get on to.

There’s 3 models which are available in silver, space grey and gold; There’s the 32GB, a 128GB and 128gb with cellular.

iPad Pro UK Price

There’s no official UK pricing yet. The US Dollar pricing is $799 $949 and $1079 for the 32GB, 128GB and 128GB with Cellular respectively. If I were to guess the UK price I would say they’ll come in at £699 £799 and £899. Those prices convert well when including tax, and will sit well with other Apple products like the MacBook Air which starts at £749. I’ll be surprised and very happy if it’s less than my estimate! 😀

Will I Get One?

That’s a good question! I have wanted one for so long now, and I need to replace my old iPad 2. I am quite certain I will be getting one, but I will have a good around at some of the hands on reviews before I am 100% certain. The size is not a concern, I have wanted a bigger iPad for a long time, but something which I have yet to consider is the weight, which I obviously can’t experience without holding one in my hand, which I probably won’t get to do unless I buy one; And if I wait, I imagine these will sell out fast, as it has a picture of an Apple on the back and these things tend to 😉

What to you think of the iPad Pro? Will you be getting one?

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