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Ipad Air, iPad Mini Retina, OSX Mavericks

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Tuesday, 22nd October, 2013


Apple had a media event today where it unveiled a couple of things, including new MacBook Pros, Mac Pro but more eagerly anticipated, a new OSX and new iPads. Two new iPads were announced, the flagship iPad Air, and the new iPad mini, which now includes a retina display.

iPad Air vs current iPad

The most noticeable changes are the size; Smaller, lighter, thinner than it’s predecessor, with the same size 9.7″ screen. What makes it smaller? The smaller bezel means the actual size of the iPad is smaller, with the same size screen. We’ve seen similar smaller bezels on the original iPad Mini which gives it a much better look. On the inside you have the A7 64bit CPU and M7 motion coprocessor, faster MIMO WIFI, and it’s available in 16, 32, 64 and 128GB varieties. They’ll be available 1st November 2013 and will start at £399.

iPad Mini with Retina display

As it says on the tin, it’s an iPad mini with retina display. This has the same specs as the iPad Air, but in a smaller form factor. You have to pay somewhat of a premium for this, the new iPad mini with Retina display will set you back £319, a full £50 more expensive than the first model. Not only that, the original iPad mini (no retina screen) has come down to £249, which means there’s actually a £70 difference from the two models.

A tablet too far?

I am not sure why I would buy the mini retina version, or who it’s marketed it. I like the mini’s and think they look cool, but is it worth an extra £70 for a retina display? Of course the retina version is more powerful too, but as we’ve learned it’s about the software more than the hardware. Further, it’s only £80 less than the full iPad with retina, so why not go for that? Do you really need the portability (only around 2 inches less) The now “cheaper” iPad mini is also looking rather expensive, many including myself thought it would come a lot cheaper, perhaps £219.

I still have my original iPad 2 and I think it’s great…It must be good, because it’s the one that Apple are still selling along side their newer models 😉

OSX Mavericks

Apple have released their new OS for Mac, OSX Mavericks. The good thing about this is that it’s free 😀 You can upgrade from Snow Leopard, so if you’re like me and missed Lion and Mountain Lion like I did, you can now upgrade for free 😀

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