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iPad 2 Officially Announced

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Wednesday, 2nd March, 2011

Yes, just a short time ago the Apple iPad 2 has been officially announced. So, what do you wanna know? Well…

  • It will be released 11th March in USA, and 25th March in the UK and Europe
  • The price points remain the same

What about the new additions and features? Well as expected, there is nothing outstanding about it, it is more of a refined iPad than something which will take your breath away.

Its lighter and thinner than before. It has twice the power, with a new A5 processor which is dual core, and better graphics. It has dual cameras, one on the front for Facetime and the other on the rear. Its available in white aswell as black, and has an improved speaker.

Also has some new accessories, an HDMI connector and some new covers called “smart covers“, another add-on for Apple to cash in on. The smart covers cleverly clip onto the front of the iPad and can be folded up to form a little stand. They are magnetic and very very thin, at only 2mm.

And thats about it. Did I expect more? Well not really, what more could it have? A better screen perhaps, maybe a bigger screen which I would really want. Also more storage, get rid of the 16gb and start at 32gb going upto 128gb. Flash support? hahaha! That was never going to happen but we can dream.

I may get one, I may not, I havent seen anything from todays announcement which makes me wanna run out and buy one or have a play with one. I didnt get the original iPad, and it looks like I may sit this one out and get the one after, there are some rumors which say that could come this year too.



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  1. Adela Said,

    Your blog is pretty good. I love your style really 🙂

    posted on Thursday 3rd March, 2011 at 16:10
  2. Michael Said,

    Thanks reading Adela 🙂

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