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iOS8 And Yosemite Announce By Apple

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Tuesday, 3rd June, 2014

ios8 - coming this autumn

The next operating system for your Apple iOS based device was announced and previewed yesterday, iOS8, as well as the next Apple computer based operating system, OSX Yosemite (10.10) at WWDC.

iOS8 Key Features

Apple are calling iOS8 their biggest release to date, for developers and “for everyone else”. I guess most of us fall under that “Everyone Else” umbrella. What’s so new or good about it? Well here are some of the highlights you can expect to see coming this fall to your Apple device.

Interactive Notifications – Those notifications that drop down from the sky of your phone are now interactive; If you get a message you can respond to it without going into the messages app. It will work with other apps too, if you’ve got notifications set up on Facebook for example you’ll be able to like/comment from the notification.

Spotlight Search – Spotlight search is improved so you’ll be able to use it to search for things such as iTunes content, cinema listings and more.

QuickType – Who remembers predictive text on their Nokia 3310? I was never a fan, but these hectic days to save a minute or two while texting, it’s back in an Apple form known as QuickType. When you type it will give you suggestions of what it is you’re trying to say. Not only that, it gives you suggestions to your responses. An example being someone sends a text saying “Do you want to go and see a movie?” It may have suggestions such as Yes, No, Not tonight. Even more impressive is they claim it will learn how you interact with different people, if you talking with mates it could be casual, sending a work message and it could be more formal. This could be the most impressive feature which was announced.

Continuity – During the Keynote Apple talked about Continuity like they had just invented the word. In fact, all it means is easier synchronicity and connectivity between your devices, which includes answering your iPhone from OSX.

Family Spying Sharing – A great addition for parents, you will now be notified if your kid is trying to buy something, having to ask your permission to buy an app, or iTunes content. Sharing also brings together calendars and content purchases for up to 6 people.

Improved messages – You will be able to send a voice or video message from directly in the message app, and you can even set them to self-destruct in a snapchat-esque, Inspector Gadget style.

Other features include improved mail, HealthKit and HealthApp, iCloud photo Library, better Siri and a host of developer features.

OSX Yosemite Features

If you watch the keynote you may of noticed far too many people getting overly happy at things such as translucent windows (I thought it was funny about how many times he used the word ‘windows’) and a dark mode. There’s also a slight design facelift including the dock, fonts The big thing about this update was Continuity (that word again) and marrying all your Apple devices together. AirDrop will now work from your iOS device, making sending and receiving files easier. You can make calls right from your computer using your WIFI connected iPhone, which was demonstrated by calling Apple’s newest employee, DR DRE. The notification centre is also improved, with Spotlight Search giving you the means to search  a great deal of things and bringing together lots of features including calendar and maps.

Both will be available in the autumn, and are FREE

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