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Did You Catch The Inside Missguided TV Show? Insights Into A British Fast Fashion Brand

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Thursday, 13th August, 2020

Inside Missguided On Channel 4

I was looking forward to watching Inside Missguided: Made In Manchester show which aired yesterday on Channel 4.

As you can guess from the title, it was a behind the scenes look at the Missguided business. In particular the office and all of the girls who take the day to day operations.

If you’ve ever thought of what the offices of a young fast fashion brand would look like, this is it. It is exactly as you’d expect to see, experience and age seems to be replaced by youth and enthusiasm.

The show’s star is Treasure, the Senior Creative and Campaign Manager at Missguided. She says that “We live and breathe and eat and shit Instagram and bloggers and influencers”. There’s other members of the team in the show, which you see throughout.

We see one negotiating a deal and haggling over 10p with a supplier.

In the first episode you see a little insight into the company, learn that it lost £26M last year and is looking to bounce back.

It also gives you an insight into influencers and how much brands are prepared to pay them. It takes us through a deal with Molly-Mae Hague, runner up on Love Island in 2019.

Molly Mae was offered a £350k deal plus and 80k Range Rover as a sweetener. But then the big boss Nitin Passi found out she couldn’t drive they’d offer the cash rather than the car. Still, this wasn’t enough, and Molly Mae signed with a “rival brand” (unmentioned, but was the Boohoo group).

It has been reported that Molly Mae signed a 6 month deal this month with PrettyLittleThing for £600k [source].

Boohoo and their brands were quick to try to capitalise on the show – They ran ads in most if not all of the ad breaks. They included ads for the main Boohoo brand, along with Nasty Gal, MissPap, and PrettyLittleThing. They even bid on the trademark “Missguided” on Google Ads so they would show up first.

This documentary came after another which I have seen, the InTheStyle documentary. It follows the same format, which was shown on BBC iPlayer. In comparison, both shows were almost the same, with the same style of offices, staff and youthful work ethic.

We are only 1 episode in, with a few more to come which will air on Channel 4 on 10PM Wednesdays. (or if you can’t wait, watch them all on All4)

One thing I did notice is one of the girls going to work with Balenciaga wears, high end fashion. Obviously the opposite of what the brand sells, affordable fast fashion. It’s not the greatest of impressions to make if you’re trying to sell your customers on fast fashion.

Judging from the first show, it’s an interesting watch. I always like a behind the scenes look at business, and although this seemed to have been given an filter (quite apt), it’s good to take a peek.

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