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Inside Fashion: Brand Reputation – Burberry

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Tuesday, 5th July, 2011

Brand reputation and brand awareness is critical in fashion. Its why we buy what we buy, and how we can justify spending £x on one brand but not on another. Its especially important to luxury brands, they need to have that that prestige about them, to be able to maintain the top end of the market, as well as being able to justify their high price. As far as the business goes, they need to make money from the masses, as well as maintain that exclusivity that we all love about them.

Burberry, are a luxury fashion brand, quintessentially British and are renowned worldwide for their high end goods. Everywhere, apart from its own country, England.

If you are from outside the UK and you think of Burberry, you may imagine this…

British, sophistication, high fashion, class, quality, super luxury fashion house.

However, if you are in the UK, and you think of Burberry, the image you may think about is this…

Charvas, Chavs, low class, low quality, no style, low end fashion.

It is quite hard to think that the same brand can mean things which are at the complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

The problem is that you cannot stop people buying your product, and if you make something which is affordable to everyone then you are going to loose the exclusivity, and you open your doors to anyone and everyone. The short term may be good, but you could end up losing the reputation you built.

So now you have a brand which is trying to get back its image, and its working to a certain degree. The very top for super rich and fashionistas may do ok, because of the heritage of the brand, but the middle market, the people who can afford a £150 T Shirt or a £200 jumper, will they want to spend their money on something and tell their friends “Yeah, this is a Burberry”.

I read on a few European fashion blogs, and some think of Burberry and the tartan pattern as a form of exclusivity…They obviously havent been to England! :mrgreen:

Other brands and fashion houses are in danger of the same thing happening to them.

Well if you are a girl who likes bags this is a bad time. I think that someone else is falling into the same trap as Burberry did.

Louis Vuitton

I go out now and see older teenage girls with their Louis Vuitton bags, despite them being so young they are still able to own an expensive luxury bag. they have LV Purses and LV passport covers, LV phone cases and more. Once an exclusive brand with a few stores worldwide and only being sold in the most expensive stores, you can now find Louis Vuitton stores in many cities, and the brand being sold in concessions in department stores. Just like the Burberry trademark tartan pattern, it has its own signature pattern, the Daimer trademark. One time if you were a girl the LV trademark bag was a thing to have, and now, every girl has one.

I personally do not think of Louis Vuitton as very exclusive anymore, because too many people, especially girls have it. It is still expensive, but it has lost some appeal of being a prestige high end brand.

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