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ICYMI – This Week’s Fashion & Lifestyle News: 6th November 2020

Fashion & Lifestyle News
Friday, 6th November, 2020

Nike Swoosh Plush Blanket

After contemplating ways of bringing new content to the blog, I have decided on trying out weekly updates alongside the rest of the content.

This will be short bites of news related to fashion, lifestyle and anything else which could be interesting.

This week: Nike have a new fleece blanket, there’s an Outrun Arcade machine, Xbox and The Hundreds Team up, and WhatsApp is bringing us disappearing messages.

Here’s all of those stories and more.

Nike Plush Blanket For This Season’s Cold Weather

Cosy season is here, and you’ll need a blanket. Fortunately, Nike has you covered with it’s latest must have piece, a huge blanket.

It’s a huge blanket which looks to be the size of a double bed, and looks very warm indeed. It’s black, and features A large white Nike swoosh in white designed to cover the width of the blanket.

Sadly it seems like it has already sold out. It’s on Nike Sportwear Japan here, retailing for ¥1,399 which is a little more than £100. See it here.

Main image from Nike

The Hundreds x XBOX Capsule Collection 2020

image from the hundreds

The Hundreds x XBOX Collaboration

A collaboration which looks really cool came from The Hundreds x XBOX earlier this week.

Featuring a capsule style collection of a few products, it includes a cap, long sleeve tee, T-shirt and a pull over hoodie.

With a lot of pieces already selling out, the T-shirt is still available in green, black and white, priced at £39. You can check out the full rage at The Hundreds here.

Outrun Arcade Machine From 1Up Arcade

image from 1up

Outrun Arcade By 1Up Arcade Now Available

1Up Arcade have made some cool arcade machines in recent times, both stand up and coffee table style. This one is brand new, and features gameplay either standing up or sitting down, it’s Outrun.

A firm favourite in the arcades back in my childhood, there was something great about playing Outrun. Standing or sitting, it was the coolest car game in the early 90s. The great gameplay was accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack.

Now you can relive your childhood with your own arcade machine. It comes with a 17″ colour LCD screen, as well as the whole cabinet decked out in Outrun artwork. There’s three games on board, the original, along with Turbo Outrun, Outrunners and Power Drift.

It’s $499 on their site here if you’re in the USA. Fingers crossed it makes its way over to the UK soon.

WhatsApp Disappearing messages

image from facebook/whatsapp

Disappearing Messages Coming to WhatsApp

Disappearing messages are finally coming to WhatsApp. According to TechCrunch, Disappearing messages are being rolled out globally this week.

This means that there’ll be a setting which lets you decide on whether or not you want to activate disappearing messages. With this enabled, messages will automatically be deleted from your conversation after 7 days.

WhatsApp have stated they are starting with 7 days, which indicates if a lot of people are using this feature, it may get expanded and include different time intervals.

Personally I think this is a good thing. These days with privacy an ever growing concern, I think disappearing or “self destructing” options should be available on most social networks. In my opinion, this is a step in the right direction.

PPV Football Scrapped

Are The Premier League Going To Scrap PPV?

Premier League football matches going Pay Per View has been a contentious issue. It doesn’t seem like it has the support of many, if any fans, although clubs voted 19-1 for it (as I already reported here).

That round of TV picks has now finished, with the next round of matches to be decided, it would be time to organise what’s gets shown. But the BBC say that it’s likely the PPV model will be scrapped [here].

It looks like £14.99 per game could be scrapped, at least for now.

Burger King Encourages You To Order From McDonalds

You never thought you’d see it, and they’d never thought they’d be asking you to do this.

Earlier this week Burger King UK tweeted asking everyone to order from McDonalds, as well as their other competitors. This was a call to action to support all the eateries throughout the country, asking to support restaurants.

And that’s 6 fashion & lifestyle related news items of this week. If you’ve spotted something cool, please let me know and it might make it next week 🙂

Have a good weekend!

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