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How To Start A Fashion Or Lifestyle Blog

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Tuesday, 19th August, 2014


Blogging Tips On Starting A Fashion And Lifestyle Blog

Blogger Level – Beginner

So you’ve been reading some blogs on the internet, now you’re hooked. You love these blogs you read, and you’re thinking “I could do that”. You are right, you can, and here I will let you know how easy it is to start a blog; Whether your passion is fashion, lifestyle or anything in-between.

You can read my full story on my About Michael page, but I started this blog because I wanted to do something online which included all my favourite things, which is what Michael 84 is. It’s a blog about fashion and men’s lifestyle, which includes everything from my nights out to product reviews on things I’ve bought, or the latest news which has caught my eye.

There was not many guys blogging in this style or niche, so I thought it would be a good idea. I decided to start writing, creating, taking photos and coming up with ideas, and then this lifestyle blog was born.

Choosing Your Blog’s home

There are 2 different types of blogs you can have. Your blog can be hosted on an existing platform, or you can buy web space (buy web hosting) and host your own. Hosting on a 3rd party platform is the perfect way to begin blogging.

There is no experience required, no need to worry about much technological things (such as server set up, downtime etc.) and there are plenty platforms which are FREE 🙂 The two most used are Blogger from Google, and WordPress.com (not to be confused with WordPress.org which you need to host yourself).

If you are inexperienced with blogs or coding, I would recommend choosing Blogger or WordPress.com (You can always move your blog at a later date if needs be). Blogger and WordPress.com are very simple, a few clicks and some vital info entered, and you’re all set! 🙂

You can also choose a self-hosted option, which will mean getting some web hosting and then installing the software of your choice. Most people these days would recommend WordPress, however there are others such as Drupal and and Joomla.

This is slightly more advanced going forward, but is getting easier to set up, many web hosting companies offer the infamous “1 click install” of these pieces of software, so minimal experience is required, however later down the line if you want to take advantage of it’s advanced features, experience or a willingness to learn is beneficial.

Pick a style of blog and writing

You should decide what kind of blog you are going to have, and by that I mean the style of writing. Are you going for more of a magazine or newspaper style, or is it going to be written from a personal point of view. It’s important to have some kind of idea on the style of your blog, it may help you choose a name.

The style of blog you want will be determined not only the style of writing and name, but also style of layout you choose, more on the layout later.

Name your blog

Another important factor is the name of your blog. This should be something short, memorable and catchy, possibly based around your blogs niche. Picking your name can be tricky, a good idea may be to write down several ideas, buzzwords and other words, and coming up with something.

If it’s a personal blog your name could do the trick too. REMEMBER you will need a domain name, so before getting carried away with a name you’ve fallen in love with make sure the domain name is available.

Picking and securing your domain name

You’ve now got a set up on Blogger/Wordpress, and thought of a name. Now what? You need to buy a domain. Domains cost different amounts of money, depending on where you get them from, and what extension you pick. The most Popular ones include .CO.UK, and .COM. You can buy them from places such as 123REG, GoDaddy, and others.

If you go to these sites they’ll let you enter a domain name to see if it’s available or if someone has already registered it. There are a whole host of other extensions available, such as .NET, .CO, .ME and many more, but I would recommend using a .CO.UK or .COM as these are the most memorable.

It will cost around £5 – £10 a year for the domain, so not even a pound a month!

Picking a design

Having a good design is critical for your blog. It’s your online home, and you want to put your stamp on it. Choose something which reflects your personality, the best piece of advice I can give is to keep it simple.

I personally prefer a more simplistic style of design, remember that your content and images should shine through, it’s best not to let that be distracted with a dazzling design. Another good tip is to check out other blogs or websites you like, and draw inspiration from them (remember not to copy them, this is your own unique blog!).

Later I will have a separate tutorial for the best design practices and design tips.

Get started with content

You should now be ready to go with content. My advice for writing would be to have fun! You’ve started your blog because it’s something you want to do, so be creative and write in your own style.

If you try to force it, you’ll likely not have as much fun, and may get tired or bored and stop blogging because it’s became too much of a hassle.

Try not to get bogged down and over-think things, you’re not writing a legal document, just have fun with it.

TOP TIP – Think like a blogger! Whatever you’re doing, whatever you see, wherever you go have blogging on your mind.

You may have heard a news story, you may have seen something when you’ve been out and about, or you just may have done something cool. Whatever it is, it could be material for your blog.

You should always be thinking of content for your blog, whether it be content or new ideas. Write them down in a notepad, on your computer or phone or even get yourself a whiteboard.

Photography and images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…Maybe they’re worth even more in blogging. Everyone loves to look at pictures, especially your own works of art. Whether you’re creating your own graphics, or taking pictures yourself, use these rather than taking some off the internet.

Other than the legal issues around taking pictures from the internet, people have come to your blog to see your pictures, not stock photos from a manufacturers. Using your own pictures is what will make your blog unique, so try to use them as much as possible.

TOP TIP – Take plenty of pictures! We live in a digital age so you can take as many pictures as you like, there is no waste. One thing you’ll probably find when starting out is regretting taking a picture of something because you may of felt silly, don’t. You will regret it later when you’re wishing you had of taken the shot 😀

Remember to take a look at my top camera tips for tips on what blogging camera to buy.

Share on the social networks and tell the world

When you’ve got something to show the world, show them! There’s no point in wasting your efforts telling people about your blog before it’s even begun, you should prioritise and get the blog up and running before doing any promotion.

Once it’s up, add some buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks you’re on. Most will have pre made buttons and scripts you can easily add, for example you’ll find facebook’s like button here, and Twitter’s Tweet button here.

You’re up and running!

Now you should be up and running with your own blog and your very own domain! Congrats! Now it’s time to learn the art of blogging, enjoy the ride! 🙂

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