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Having A Budweiser Christmas – BudWiseMen

Sunday, 6th December, 2015


We all know the Christmas story, where the three wise men bear the gifts gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus, and Budweiser have launched their own BudWiseMen, aimed at enjoying the festive season with responsible drinking.

It’s all about doing Christmas on your own terms, enjoying the festive period, and being responsible. If you’re heading off to parties over the Christmas, the best way to enjoy them is to have a designated driver. If you’re part of a couple then the perfect thing to do is to share the driving; You can left your other half have some drinks while you remain the designated driver, and swap roles for the next night out. If you’re going to a mates house party, you could stay over if you plan on drinking, something I think we’ve all done in the past.

The Christmas Bare Essentials

  • Stock Up On Food – Whatever your choice of food is, make sure you have plenty of it. From share size bags of crisps to mince pies, you can never have too much party food.
  • Keep the beer flowing – Get plenty of bottles of Bud. If you’re having people over there’s no such thing as too much alcohol, make your party that one where there are never empty glasses and everyone’s having a good time.
  • Entertainment – Whether you’re having a quiet one with a few people just getting together or something a bit more lively, make sure there’s some kind of entertainment. If it’s just a quiet one make sure there’s plenty of social activity going on. Maybe have a film night with a few people, a couple of drinks and food, or you can go all out, get a Bluetooth speaker and everyone can be the DJ playing their own tunes from their phones.
  • Clothing – You need to look the part. Whether you’re dressed up in your best gear and latest fashion, or wearing your favourite Christmas jumper, your look will matter and set the tone for your night.

To commemorate the BudWiseMen campaign, Budweiser are giving you the chance to win a limited edition Christmas jumper with a purchase. You can’t grumble at a 20x pack of 300ml bottles for only £10 at Tesco, I think these are the perfect size bottles which balances out the amount of beer you drink really well.

So remember to have fun this Christmas, but be a (Bud)Wise Man about it as well 😉


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